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#16January 6th, 2013 · 02:47 PM
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Humble & Modest {Review}
*Symphonic Percussive instrument { Timpani i think?!}- needs a different timing to join in,

*The DRUMS {especially the snare}- there's something about the reverb and its place in the stereo image in-comparison with the rest of the instruments, and then its disappearance 1:41 till 3:35 confused me {got me out of what i was just going into}- it could be automated- levelly,

*What the song is about- i really didn't catch any message to be delivered- {The Story},

*Finally- and not last, the overall thing, is a nice theme, relaxing mood, nice female melody, sent me to some Indian side- i mean the sitar notes...though i prefer high octave female vocals to suit with the sitar thing, as i learned from my experience regarding the Indian female singing,

*Thank you for sharing us such beautiful music, feelings and dimension.

M.Mahfouz- Myzym
#17March 19th, 2014 · 06:39 PM
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re: Alpha Nine - Collobo
Denis wrote…
This is my first attempt at some ambient stuff. I've collaborated with a chap who's name is 'David Newby'. I'm just playing the guitar with percussion played on my guitar, which was layed down first with the aid of a metronome.  It's the first time I've collaborated with someone for a long time. Please give honest comments.



a song i missed .....

see your inspiration .... nice melodic show

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