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#16January 4th, 2007 · 12:31 AM
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Thanks folks

The strings are a midi instrument included in GarageBand. Nothing too spectacular. Just pitch-shifted around. Plus some EQing and dynamic adjustments to make them sound more authentic...
#17January 4th, 2007 · 03:37 PM
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it jumps, what can I say, that's cool. i'd like to hear a very light rhodes-ish distortion on the lead guitar solo.

Ok so given that your production values are up to snuff the music theory nerd in me has a few things to say: I'd like to hear you take that beginning part of your solo where you riff outside the changes for a while drop it or at least shorten it to a few note intro but then integrate shifting polytonal riffs like that into other spots throughout your solo and move between the diatonic and polytonic pallettes.

As with riffs, i feel that you shouldn't blow a bunch of polytonality up front but rather save it for later in the solo to dip in to and pull out a little extra expression in your solo. Also the full outside riff at the beginning is a little overwhelming given the rock/pop like harmonic nature of your song.

for what it's worth
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