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#16January 11th, 2007 · 01:53 PM
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Your vocals phrasing reminds a bit of Megadeth! Good job!
#17January 12th, 2007 · 09:49 PM
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re: Waste of Flesh
ChildrenoftheNight wrote…
* full title- Waste of Flesh (MasterPlan)

Well this one is really close to my heart.The first lyrics I ever wrote. This entire song was  wrote 7 years ago.So you can say I'm a little excited.. The song is about a few things.I'm part native,I've been cheated on and I've seen young men grow up to be......well wastes of flesh because of their father's influence. DarkTear rippin the vocals out as always,another fine performance.Hope you enjoy.Oh...... the lyrics are in the lyric review.
#18February 5th, 2007 · 09:05 PM
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United States of America
Awesome work dude, this is some kinda impressive. good stuff comin outa canada. I like the vocals alot, not screamin the whole time like everybody else is. Also a cool intro with a nice slow-down-the-reel effect. the guitars tone sounded good and I could hear some intresting picking patterns and it synched well with the bass. The only thing I might have done differently was to have thrown a guitar solo in the mix somewhere, but thats more of an ornamental prefference than a nessecity. Over all an excelent song.
#19February 15th, 2007 · 10:35 AM
its good. I would say its a little rough in the production. Definately could be fleshed out to a bigger sound. There does seem to be a timing issue with the drums and guitar but as the song goes on it isn't as apparent. Overall a good demo you can definately get an idea of the song and see how some arrangments could bring the song more dimension.
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