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#1June 26th, 2006 · 04:44 PM
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Hole & Bucket
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Collaboration Rocks!!!

This song is the collaborative effort of Takaminerbb13 and spoon...

Spoon:lyrics, acoustic guitar, vox

Tak: vox, and all the other cool stuff you hear!!

Tell us what you think!!

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#2June 26th, 2006 · 05:00 PM
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Lovely song, really!
This collaboration worked really good. Your voices sounds awesome together and the sounds Taka did were great. And that violin is amazing.
This was pretty pretty good. Liked it a lot!

         > Iszil
#3June 26th, 2006 · 05:13 PM
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wowow, lovely it is indeed! those instrumentals are very well done... I love how it starts out with that analog drum machine and plain acoustic guitar, and then evolves into a complex texture of sounds and flavors and... very world-music like, with the violin and the spanish-type guitar.

great vocals... care to post the lyrics? I can't really decypher everything that well

but... as for voting... I guess it ends up being rather high
#4June 26th, 2006 · 05:16 PM
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ah yes... listening now after taking a break from it for a bit...

heh.. I was having tech problems... one of them being my left and right speakers playing backwards during mixing.... so it all sounds backwards to me

anyway... getting on with it... I really like the song.

and now I must critique myself... the only big problem I think I should mention is my guitar... solo... thingy... it's out of tune.. a lot... but there wasn't really much I could do. it was my $15 silvertone tenor... I'm surprised it lasted through the entire 8 measures without disintegrating completely.

heh.. as for the rest... good work spoon!! it was a blast!!
#5June 26th, 2006 · 05:16 PM
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...and here are the lyrics Puppet:

Verse 1

I often think about strange things
The twist that innovation brings
Itís a phase you say Iím going through
But a phase is change Iím warning you    mm mm mm

Sometimes we think our thoughts are just a drop in the bucket
But Liza says just mend it dear just mend it dear, just mend it dear   mm mm mm

Verse 2
I often contemplate the rain
And how it makes people complain
And it seems a hassle getting wet
But who says dry is paying off our debt    mm mm mm

Chorus 2
Sometimes we think it all pours out and we can never mend it
But Liza says with a stone my dear, with a stone my dear, just get a stone my dear   mm mm mm

Verse 3
I often analyze the truth
And how the listenerís needing proof
Itís a game of words thatís often played
But a gameís not real itís only what weíve made   mm mm mm
#6June 26th, 2006 · 05:20 PM
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Hey hey really good one I love it .... what can I say ....
A game's not real it's only what we've made  mm mm mm ..........
#7June 26th, 2006 · 05:26 PM
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the building up at first is impressive! and what follows too, all very pro, and nice too

love the arrangement, vocals are awesome, maybe(!) Tak's voice could be treated better....not sure here, just trying to be helpfull, its lovely anyway

love the guitarsolo! fiddle too of course..

just getting better, 3th time now..,

#8June 26th, 2006 · 06:57 PM
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okay....I love this! It is inventive, energetic, and absolutely unique. Love the lyric content, the vocal delivery. The instrumentation is excellent (I'm crazy about that acoustic guitar in the beginning and threaded throughout the song...whoever is playing that is doing a really fine job). Taka's influence is clearly seen in this piece (which is a delight) with the rich textures of sounds, the intricate counter-melodies...the "ebb and flow" qualities...pure Taka.  My only criticism would have something to do with the mix. In my opinion, the instruments may be a little too far up in the mix and competing with the vocals somewhat, and like Max said, Taka's voice could use a little tweaking in the mix (maybe a little compression....I'm not sure) as well. Also, I would be tempted to saturate that percussive sound at 2:45 (...when it's just the guitar and some percussive effect..) with reverb. This song makes me want to dance (like Greek people do at weddings, you know?)
#9June 26th, 2006 · 07:19 PM
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totally cool
totally cool.This is excellent, instrumentation ,noddle synth line acc git violin very impressive.infectious
Collaborations yeah, the instrumental section very global.
And spoon your vox is full of character warmth with those magic silver edges.
gifted .
"But a gameís not real itís only what weíve made   mm mm mm"
you've certainly made a good one here.
#10June 26th, 2006 · 07:52 PM
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Let me say.....

   That I am very impressed..... This is cool... and works well.......

                               Collaborations are great aren't they...
If your like me, you'll be hooked...  I can't stop... must do more..


            Jim K
#11June 26th, 2006 · 09:33 PM
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United States of America
i had a heart atack
are both you and taka singing this? i LOVE it with a passion two of my fave artists singing and working together it almost gave me a heart atck from the joy of it all. you both did really great it's on my fave list and 100% you diserve it it's a well put together song and i injoyed it, it's quite cetchy and spoon i LOVE your voice for this it's awsome so you both deserve a cookie

the paper doll
#12June 27th, 2006 · 07:47 AM
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Thats a very nice TakaSpoon , like the voices , like everything , how did you worked it out?
#13June 27th, 2006 · 08:11 AM
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United Kingdom
Well, this is one to download for sure.
A very well thought out, intelligent piece of music.
Well played, well recorded, beautifully sung.

I especially like the instrumental blending that you use - and yes that violin is extremely nice in there (but perhaps a little too loud )

Great song.

Well done SpoonTaka.

(Spoon, spoon, taka taka, spoon, spoon, taka taka, spoon, spoon, taka taka, .... CRASH cymbal )
#14June 27th, 2006 · 11:06 AM
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To answer how we did this, well here it is...

I emailed Tak a wma file which included the bosa nova drums that start and finish the song, my vox, my acoustic guitar playing the part that starts the song (and continues on) and my acoustic rhythm guitar (that you hear come in near the beginning) - all mixed on a traditional soundboard.  And I emailed him a copy of the lyrics and guitar chords.

From there...he added his vox, violin, bass, the acoustic spanish lead guitar part in the bridge, a bunch of other stuff, and he mixed it all.  He didn't really have much choice as to how my vox were mixed against the guitar...because I sent him a premixed trak...but I think he did an amazing job with what I sent him!!

Thanks everyone for your warm replies (and thanks for the cookies little paper doll) 
#15June 27th, 2006 · 11:27 AM
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if I'd say it's professional then it is a lie. It's more than that and....

....ready for Radio or TV
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