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#31April 23rd, 2007 · 05:05 PM
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great song.. good recording, great composition.. only
thing I could critique would be the scat sequence..
that could have been honed and polished just a little..
but by no means took away from the overall total

Blueyes - Dan
#32January 4th, 2008 · 09:41 AM
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Love the mood and rhytm. Great song. It catches attention but  I think it also works as a smooth, edgy background music.
....By the way I love the vocals....
#33January 5th, 2008 · 06:16 PM
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eej great song.yeah being in love inspires..great drums indeed..nice vibe.wondering how it sounds a bit faster
#34January 6th, 2008 · 12:50 PM
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I want to sit down on a tapestry rug and watch the candles burn, the wax melt, and the incense burn.  Yah!  Very nice.  Hey, look, there's one of those girls dressed in clothing she made with her beads on dancing over there.  She's waving her arms to her side and over her head.  Well, the songs over... time to sip on my water.
#35February 24th, 2008 · 09:30 PM
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accept4u song
Nice mix, good vocals, just not real interested in this style. Good guitar solo. What part of Canada are you from anyway? Sounds like this could be played in a bar setting. I can see the cigarette smoke and the low lighting and drinks on tables and waitresses walking about. But a REAL GOOD MIX. Great job and keep up the creative music!....jgv,jjv
#36April 6th, 2008 · 02:12 AM
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If you want to be honest...sing. This sounds great. Very groovy. Good mood music!!! Great voice!

#37January 9th, 2010 · 04:32 PM
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Fresh ,clean, and sincere
Such fresh, clean, and sincere music and vocals. I think your vocals should have a little more presence. I think this is a great song performed by awesome musicians and vocalist
#38June 20th, 2011 · 11:46 AM
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Just randomly checked out one of your songs. I really love this. Great singer and lead guitarist.
#39June 20th, 2011 · 12:07 PM
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Love the sound of song when all the instruments are acoustic, when the mixing is perfect, and the overall recording is phenomenal..  Amazing vocals and everything was perfected to a T. Complex arrangements that seemed to flow and mesh together pretty smoothly. "They all played stupid games" is a powerful vocal that a lot of people can relate to; potent.

  Song was a bit too long, but for some weird reason you just kept listening anyway, and it never gets annoying or repetitive. Solo was really nice as well!

 How long does a song like this take to construct?  How many band members do you have contributing to the development of the song?

Very professional and so pleasing to the ears!
#40February 23rd, 2012 · 01:16 PM
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This is your song with the most votes. That's why I came up with my review now.

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