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#1May 28th, 2006 · 06:32 AM
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Wish I knew

This song is not in a battle

First I would like to thank you all for reviewing and voting my songs - I always try to give it back...

This is another project with Puppet (Lyrics, Vocals, Drums).
So enjoy another part of the Dark Opera ;-)


to seek...
what it is like
to seek...
what it feels like...

so precious...
so couragious...

I wish I could say what this moment feels like when I saw you today doing alright

I'm awake now
feeling safe now
watching space between shadows
like the girl with the red rose
in her hair, she is dancing
to the rhythm of answering...

alive and awake
in a dream
I always knew
it always came clean
before the end of all things good
let's kiss away the aches forgood

- old thoughts of fear . . . don't make a sound
- up and down that spiral . . . twice around
- wash out the skin from . . . the venom spewed
- to twist the insides out . . . it's nothing new

so precious...
so couragious...
to seek what it's like...
to seek what it feels like... with you

... wish I knew

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#2May 28th, 2006 · 06:49 AM
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United Kingdom
re: Wish I knew
Great collaboration well done..........

Puppet is singing really well ............It sounds like concentration and the intensity in the voice is all there.

Very good the whole song gets my vote
#3May 28th, 2006 · 11:53 AM
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Actually, once I had managed to finished it (last friday) I really listened to it a lot to get used to the new style. I think it's just really interesting how Amused's style and the way I work blend into something all new, which not only has elements from both our styles, but also comes with something entirely new.

So yes, I am proud of this, , but I must also say that the original instrumental track, in itself, has something uniquely intense aswell, and should most definately feature as the instrumental B side if this would be released as a single...

'k cheers...

ps. the other (as yet) existing part of the Dark Opera is here: Station
#4May 28th, 2006 · 03:01 PM
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Sounds good.
I'm realizing what Puppet can greatly achieve is ambiance: when he put his nose somewhere he gets ambiance. Here the ambiance is more subtle, but it's there.
I like the guitar parts. You used the effect that fits perfectly to the song, Amused, an the sound you achieved with the song is really good.
Those drums are also perfect for the song.
But I have to say this is not my cup of tea, but sounds good.

          > Iszil
#5May 28th, 2006 · 05:44 PM
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incredible atmosphere
Great point Iszil, the ambiance is incredible, especially in the chorus sections. reminds me of peter murphy/bauhaus/love and rockets mixed with something amazing and new. I am nowhere near either of you musically but would love to have one of you work with me on a song. d.
#6May 29th, 2006 · 02:41 PM
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really cool song..like i said replacing the guitar with a bass in the beginning would add a darker feeling to it but other than that i think you guys did a very nice work!oh and btw the voice fits perfectly in this lonesome ambiance
#7May 29th, 2006 · 02:41 PM
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good job guys   it sounds really nice     keep it going

#8May 29th, 2006 · 03:46 PM
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United States of America
Not what I usually listen to, but I am diggin on this tune. Greta job!
#9May 30th, 2006 · 06:40 AM
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remarkable guitarwork, well done

love the fat basedrum, dig the vocals/lyrics too

but i do miss something after the break, gets back to soon for me?
i'm just not completely satisfied when the song ends, a decent outro maybe?

or it is just a good thing that keeps me running this tune again and again?

vote will be very good though, cause i think its very well done and a very original style
#10May 30th, 2006 · 08:08 AM
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Great sound , but i am  sorry its not the style i like , so i cant judge
#11May 31st, 2006 · 04:09 PM
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United Kingdom
Very atmospheric - you both have done a good job with construction and recording.
I'm a little with Nemo on this one  - I just don't like the style.  Unlike Nemo, though, I'm more than happy to judge

Guitar effects and vocals are very haunting - nice.
Drums seem to come in at a different time sig to the intro vox and guitars, but then they all mesh together really well.
I like the roller coaster up and down feel to this - yes, there is the PX "ambiance" as has been mentioned.

It's a well constructed, well played song
Well done guys
#12June 11th, 2006 · 10:04 PM
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sounds really awesome, really awesome!

I would have liked the drums when they kicked in to have more bass, more doof doof che, that would have been better. but at the 0:48 part when y'all go sick, thats awesome.

Oh mad second time round (1:50) you added bass to the drums.. satisfied!

I love that old thoughts of fear dont make a sound part... not just the vocals but everything.... i definitely do like this.

Damn another song where i didn't like the fade out... oh well i say that about way too many songs.

Anyhoo, awesome song as i said i loved it.
#13June 12th, 2006 · 12:26 AM
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nice song

but the guitar overpower the lyrics but its nice atmosphere u created!!!!
#14July 1st, 2006 · 05:34 AM
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United States of America
Decient song
Its a well-written song.  I mean my standard of music sits different than most.  When I worked as a music director of a college station, we (General Manager and I) always listened to the first two tracks of an album and only the first 20 or so seconds of each track.  If we didn't like that we would toss the album.  So I always say that if you have a song that it has to have some great beginning to it.  This song has a decient beginning so I think it is a decient song.  Thanks for listening to my opinion.
#15July 1st, 2006 · 08:35 AM
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Ummmm.... HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  I could of swore I posted to this once before.....  ANYwho..... 

   This is really cool.... Very interesting blend....  Very aromatic....

                SPeaking of which, I need coffee.... 

                               Awesome work though.....

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