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#16April 15th, 2006 · 10:42 AM
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Heheheh, wow!  Can't think of anything else, you've said it all!  Thanks, I'm so glad you like my music!  

#17April 15th, 2006 · 12:20 PM
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United States of America
excellent all around.Very different sounding
#18April 18th, 2006 · 01:12 AM
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United States of America
That was a good song!
#19April 18th, 2006 · 01:12 AM
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United States of America
That was a good song!
#20April 18th, 2006 · 01:42 AM
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Thanks, mark47 and DizzyZ!

#21April 18th, 2006 · 06:59 AM
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it`s really good
Good arrangement, great voice . It would be a great song with more text for this fantastic voice in the background , very good musical arrangement. I enjoy it !
Keep on this good work.
#22April 27th, 2006 · 03:54 PM
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United Kingdom
Hey, picked this song at random and I really like it! Great mysterious chord structure and haunting vocals. Good work.
#23April 30th, 2006 · 08:46 PM
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United States of America
I really enjoyed this song, definitely something you should run with more.
#24June 1st, 2006 · 09:14 PM
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I like the layered harmonies and singing over yourself. Sounds awesome! a little off at some points but excellent job! I favourited your site cuz I like your stuff!!
#25June 21st, 2006 · 11:49 AM
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United States of America
Had to check out SmellyCat's songs after digging Deep Instruments - Marula.

Iszil wrote…
Hey, this sounds great!
Those Ohhh and Ehhh are really cool.
May be some levels are quite high, but in general the sound is good.
I really loved the voice harmonies and arrangements; that's the strongest part of the song. That woman voice is awesome.
The song is really amazing.
You have a good rating from me.

        > Iszil

Pretty much sums it up for me as well. For something that was "thrown together" this is pretty damn good and very enjoyable!

I've got the 4 Marula songs and SmellyCat's 2 songs running as I type this. I'll have to pop over to your main website and check out the other free songs!

Thanks for sharing!
#26March 21st, 2007 · 08:52 AM
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mom song
hmm Listening..... great starting chord progression .....what  a Dbmin Dbmin/a to  A7 to a what a mmm i think a Gbmin7 some form a Ccb hmm you lost me I'd have to set down with it  . but it is a great progression.

I missed this one somehow....gonna have to start going thru both or your music list.  This is excellent  song. I love the minor scale vocal lines they really set a mood.  The tone of your voice is so smooth.  Your harmonies are a nice touch. nice changes in here. This is good song writing.  I'm gonna download it cause i like it so much.
#27June 1st, 2007 · 04:24 PM
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United States of America
Great song
Great song love all aspects of this. great chord progression very melodic and has a wonderful dark but then shinny feel.

The New Indie Kid
#28June 3rd, 2007 · 01:16 PM
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United States of America
Damn!  Pretty awesome.  Not going to lie, I didn't like the intro.  Dragged on.  I was about to turn it off, and then those hauntingly beautiful lyrics popped in with the drums.

The style is really different and awesome.

Your voice, while off in maybe 3 or 4 places, is fantastic.  The layered harmonies are gold.

But come on, it's the 21st century.  Ditch the damn fade.
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