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#1February 24th, 2006 · 04:06 PM
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Out With A Bang
Score: 87.1%
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Battle: 2006-03

A new demo I just finished in my studio. Lookin' to "shop" it maybe.

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#2February 24th, 2006 · 04:13 PM
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What the FUCK ( had to write it, sorry)!
You are back! Now I don't have time to listen, but I surely will.
I'm your fan, must say!

       > Iszil
#3February 24th, 2006 · 04:48 PM
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The Boss is back!  The music I love, the professionalism I can only dream of,  the quality I aspire to.  And the real human touch on top of it all these good things.  You don't find much of this sort of music nowdays.  What took you so long, brother?
#4February 24th, 2006 · 05:09 PM
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Thanks man...
Well, I had this movie soundtrack I had to wrap up...then I had to go around and patch up all the stuff I just let go for the past 7 months and finally got caught up to the point to where I could do what I love to do most....write music. I still have a lot of stuff...real busy, but I just have to make time for this. Thanks for your comments. I really get the best out of that...Keep it up......Chauvette
#5February 24th, 2006 · 06:46 PM
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Everybody thought u were not coming back! What a surprise it is.

Hehe, yeah, I love your stuff to.
And I understand every musician needs a certain amount of praise to keep the songs coming out. You definitelly deserve yours.

Fantastic song, very McCartneyish in my opinion. Which I love, of course...

keep 'em coming.
#6February 24th, 2006 · 07:06 PM
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Cool song!
Yeah, your voice is McCartney-ish, what I also love cause I'm fan of the Beatles science I was 6. I love the way your voice... I dare to say you make a dual voice recording or something like that, cause it's sounds the same way Ozzy's voice, with the little difference that in Osbourne's' songs is only one voice take.
The professionalism of your general work is also present here. The good structures of a good song are here, and the melodies as well.
Well, nice too have you here again and I hope now you are a bit more active on the site.
Will be waiting for more work.

     > Iszil
#7February 25th, 2006 · 04:19 AM
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The song is more than just beeing McCartney-ish, one can hear the whole tradition of wholesome pop-rock: from the Beatles to Nick Lowe through Chris Norman's Smokey, the Rubettes and Gilbert O'Sullivan (of "Get Down" fame. If anything this is what Chauvette's vox reminds me of).  Anyway, this is all academic while the song speaks for itself.  And it'll only get better when it gets out of studio full of electronic gimmicks to be performed by a band.
#8February 25th, 2006 · 06:17 AM
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United Kingdom
Hooray - You're back!!! And coming in with a bang

I love all of your stuff that you've posted to date - this is no exception.

Well sung and played; great harmonies; instrumental sounds mix really well together; and the production is spot on.

I'm pleased to be downloading another of your songs.
#9February 25th, 2006 · 11:15 PM
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Very good quality, as usual....
     Not one of my favorites of yours.... but great just the same....   Glad to see your back..

  Congratulations on the screenplay, hope it went well....
                 Hope to hear a few more nre ones soon...     I have rated this song!

#10February 28th, 2006 · 10:44 PM
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I am the BIGGEST fan of all of your songs.

While I've never registered an account.. all of your songs are downloaded and on my MP3 player.. I listen to them every day.

I was wondering where you went.. I really enjoy your music.

This one is a wonderful song! Really catchy and groovy, something you can hum along to all day.


Just amazing.

Looking forward to more songs!

#11March 1st, 2006 · 06:52 AM
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now, I think you have a very good recording quality, but your style does nothing for me.

At one point I really tried and I thought "well this actually pretty good" but listening to it a few times through, it's just well... It has no depth. My demanding mindset wants things and thoughts deepened out but your style just rages right across any hint of inspiration sprawling in my brain while listening to this, and such is, by yours truly, ill appreciated.

It gets me that Hewie Lewis & the News feeling, which does that to me too. Except HL is better...

so - that for "not my style" and other than that: nice... very well produced I must say, but I can't judge other than on what it does to me. I cannot relate to all the praise you're getting, my apologies.
#12March 1st, 2006 · 09:06 AM
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Mcartneyish yes but I also hear some wierd al yankovic'ishness in there too 
#13March 1st, 2006 · 02:23 PM
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Hey chauvette, great to hear another one of your masterpieces.
how about giving us ameteurs some guidance on recording and songwriting!? For instance, when you write songs, how do you generally start off? Tune first? Words in between? Topic selection, initial tune recording, etc. How do you deal with situations when you want to write a song and have a tune in your head but cant keep it long enough to get to a recording instrument.
I would love to know more about your process (if you're willing & prepared to share the secrets ofcourse).
-Deep (from artofbeing)
#14March 1st, 2006 · 03:07 PM
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Recording Endeavors
Hey all.. Thanks for all of your kind remarks!! Where have I been? Completing a full-length action/adventure movie score. Glad that's done. I respect your negative critique as well Puppet. However, in my own defense, some originals that I post may not be necessarily the kind of music I write for myself. Do you think Dianne Warren wrote tunes for artists like Aerosmith because she likes them. I dunno about that. I shop some tunes on the side for other artists that may not even be close to the stuff I do for my own soul. Pays the bills though, hence *Out With A Bang* Now...as for Art..The process is such a huge thing for me. First of all, I took a job with a major show in Vegas. Why? I don't care for 95% of the material, but it pays me to stay home all day and write. So, that was my first objective is to have secure employment that allowed lots of time for doing what I want most. Writing originals. This was the tits gig. I only work 1 1/2 hours a night 5 nights a week. the rest of the time is mine. I use it to write, and have an occasional meal. My method for writing tunes in a nutshell: I always come up with some kind of melody in the car or something, or wherever I may be at the moment. If I have some pen and paper, I just scratch out the chord changes and make little notes like *same beat as Walk This Way* or something to that nature..whatever the tune might be close to reminding me of. I have an AudioTechnica AT4050 mic set up in my room, which is real sensitive. As soon as I get back to my studio, I pick up my acoustic guitar and hammer it out on a Cubase audio track to a metronome so that I can tie it in later with bass and whaterver instruments until I dump it in the end. That track remains my scratch track till the completed tune. I always try to get some lyrics in there as well as a melody for vocals. Once I have that, I may lay down a drumkit or loop, or maybe a bass track..whatever I feel like at that time....always using the scratch as a reference. I keep piling up tracks till I get all I want in there for instruments. Then I lay down vocal parts. I always layer vocals. I learned from *Mix Magazine* how you lay down each harmony part, and double each harmony part. That's how you get the fat sound. Once all my tracks are in, I start cleaning up bad audio and editing here and there. I love using software for this. I worked a studio for a long time in the 80's and the only way I could *cut and paste* was actually splice audio tape together. This is WAY easier. Once I have everything mixed, I then export all of my tracks to 2 stereo tracks. Once that's done, I use a mastering program that brings everything up to the highest form without producing digital distortion. I prefer IK Mulimedia's T-Racks Mastering Suite for that task. Anyhow, enough rambling. I'm going to start a recording technique blog on here at some point. I'd like to help out anyone who wants help. Thanks again and happy tracking....Chauvette
#15March 1st, 2006 · 05:28 PM
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Super! A great tune. Yes this is pro. my 100 for you.
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