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I know where you live
Been a while since I've been on - eye operation. can't see, drive, or read worth a damn. Nearly missed my own wedding. Missed the get together up North. It's not been a good summer.
However, I got a chance to record some stuff with friends down in DC and that was great.

This song is about this nut-case who used to stalk me when I was in a band in MA.  She'd hang outside my house all night and call me from her car. She'd see me at a gig and say stuff like "where were you last night until two?" Man that still gives me the creeps.
Anyway, that's where this song came from. It's very raw but any mix suggestions or arrangement ideas would help. Thanks

Here are the words if anyone's interested:

I know where you live

Some times I follow you around
I spend my day that way
Ten steps behind and not a sound
and I hear everything you say

Got a camera in my pocket and a gun in my car
copied the keys to your apartment
every scrap of information I've collected so far
I keep it my my glove compartment and

  I know where you go to work
  I know where you eat your dinner
  Your favorite restaurant
  I know where you live

I watch your house at night sometimes
I see you come and go
If I feel like committing any crimes
I guess you'll be the first to know cuz

I got a feeling that the guy you've been seeing is scum
A feeling inside my head
I can see through my binoculars he's dumber than dumb
You'd be better off with him dead and
  I know where you go to work
  I know where you eat your dinner
  Your favorite restaurant
  I know where you live

All your friends like me at least
I think that they would if we met
We've got so much in common
We're so much alike that it's creepy and yet

You never seem to notice me at all
You never pick the phone up when I call
And the one time we've spoken
for some reason you got upset
Don't ask me why


  I know where you go to work
  I know where you eat your dinner
  Your favorite restaurant
  The fact that you drink your coffee black
  I know where you pay your bills
  I've even been through your garbage
  I know you were meant for me 
  I know where you live

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Liked the intro, but after that it started to sound a bit like Weird Al Yankovic?  No offense.  Definately a good production, but....
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Weird Al? Shit!
I suppose I kinda sound like him when I sing but admitting that makes me wanna go hang myself!

Not exactly constructive criticism but thanks for the opinion. Do you have any ideas for fixing the mix, arrangement or lyrics?
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I know where you live...
and what yo did last summer haha

what a great guitar man...
the mix ok.. needs hard work... I used to listen to much better production by you.
cant say much about the arrangement neither lyrics. I would do other things... but this the way you are creating good music..

and welcome back...
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nice lively track... again I'd have to say similar things about the prouction/mastering work - particularly the vocal production, sounds like autotune done wrong or the FX. I can't suggest what it is im afraid because I dont know the exact FX chain you used... but whatever it is it's giving you a squeaky voice!
bass sounds prominent but a little elastic, drums are played well but very tinny particularly your hat... the rhythm guitars dont position well in the mix largely due to the distortion used and EQ not differentiating them properly. solo is highly cool though!

so suggestions:
change the vocal production
work on EQ to differentiate the guitars either side
for the hats/cymbals use EQ to curb the high frequencies and/or a faster attack on the compressor to curb the transients if that is the cause, because the high freqs seem too harsh.
remove a bit of the elastic mids on the bass
I'm not sure if you are mixing on headphones, but the stereo positioning seems a little iffy also. try experimenting with different panning/reverb to try and enhance the stereo positioning of the different parts.
final suggestion - revise your masteriing as it is possible that it is worsening, rather than improving, the brittle sound and  phase/positioning issues - particularly if you are using harmonic exciter/sonic maximiser/stereo widening or a combination thereof.

all intended as constructive tho... It's a cool track

#6September 29th, 2007 · 07:07 PM
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Thanx for the comments Dave. I agree with all of them.
I should have said that I don't have the individual audio files. I'm just slapping trax onto the scratch stereo mix I got from my friend. I have nothing on the vocals except the crappy tight verb and delay they put on it when they sent the mp3's from DC. I'm hoping to get a CD with the seperate wav files for each track in the mail this week. Once I do and can see again, I'll tackle the actual mix. Til then, I actually have no control over the mix at all except that I layered the solo in on Audacity (torture), and that with the shitty mic I got with my desktop PC. I WILL be doing that over with the Neumann on the Rivera amp!

I was really looking for whether the song works in terms of arrangement, groove and lyrics but of course any mix ideas anyone's got are always welcome. I have my wife doing my emails and posting so I try to keep it short so I don't bug her (I don't mind!). I've had 2 cornea transplants and 2 corrective procedures and I can't see shit! I've been shedding my ass off though so not all is lost!
Thanx all for listening.
#7September 30th, 2007 · 06:02 AM
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musically the song seems pretty cool to me, cant wait til you crack out the neumann and remix!


now by contrast these vocals by you are puuuurfect.


naturally rock vocals are going to be produced differently but the lullaby recording imo preserves the tonality of your voice infinitely better, so I would strive for that when you remix this track

hope you get well soon buddy...
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Awesome recording.
love the harmony,the vocal range is awesome.love the arrangement.
funkish guitars rule...
The only thing is the intro vox ,to my ears  the intro vox sounds a bit out tune some times, (I might have ear fatigue from working so much in music).
Wow great bridge before solo.Nice crisp solo and awesome performance.
Full rate!!!
#9October 11th, 2007 · 03:18 PM
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Cool thread , but the song is gone!!!!!

[edit] But it CAN BE DOWNLOADED !!

Very cool song, good emotion. I like a lot.
I really like the complete song, lyrical story, the 'life' in your vocal and the song structure.
Weird Al ??????

Wicked guitar , and I love the drum track, I'm getting too used to machines.
I can't put it into my favourites!! I've got it downloaded now anyway! lol
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