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Cymru (Wales)
BandAmp Vol II is in the making
The cameras (tape cassettes) are rolling.....
         The discussion is on going........
                                  The deadline is set.........for the end of September
So jump on while you can fellow Ampers if you dont want to miss the ride  

It is upon us....... Denis has made the call.........
           "It's that BandAmp Album time again...
                                      do you want to be part of it?"

You may want to see one of your own songs on the next BandAmp Album or you may want to vote for some of the other proposed songs.
You may even want to add a suggestion or two of your own or you may even feel the need to discourage the use of some other certain songs....who knows ?

Whatever your whether take a look at the BandAmp Vol II thread and have your say.

There's already a list of suggested songs on Page 3 which might be a good place to start.   
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