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#16May 4th, 2007 · 01:06 PM
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battlecat wrote…
interesting idea, Kings! I agree there might be a place for information-sharing about this aspect of the business...my major concern (disclaimer: I don't mean to infer that I have anything to do with administrative decisions on this site...I am simply stating a preference as a participant), is that the site becomes infiltrated by people with a product to sell, and thus community becomes as superficial and predatory as we have witnessed above. Maybe if these types are secluded in their own room and not allowed anywhere else on site, their influence won't sully the rest of the site, and any legitimate purpose for these "services" can be accessible. These types will need to be kept in close reigns, as they tend to be quite intrusive, presumptive and manipulative as (again) witnessed above ("So we've only posted once...is that really so bad?"....hmmmmm..... I distinctly see a cloven foot and horns peeking out on this one). This will potentially need intensive monitoring and intervention by moderators. I will say, however, that anybody with a legitimate business doesn't need to peddle it with the kind of  sales line that this guy offers....he sounds like an Amway or a Life insurance salesman....("I do want to offer more to this community, and was hoping to chat with them about it"....c'mon man....pulleeeez!).

I saw it more of a 'place to put them', the ones that come along, and trying to be positive about what the hell to do with them once they were there I came up with an 'Adverts Review' forum !! lol , that's all!

Oldies, the idea was far from "supporting and promoting" anything to do with them, as I said here above, it was more on the lines of what to do with them once they've been put somewhere out of the way!
#17May 4th, 2007 · 02:17 PM
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I just wanted to say
I deleted the thread in question the same day it was posted. Because it did not seem to be something the members wanted. And because I agree, that if one wants to link to their site, there is a section under your profile for that, If you want to advertise your site on here, and NOT be a participating member of the community, i.e. Posting in the forums, critiquing, rating, and posting your own music, then you MUST get the approval of the community, that means ASKING a Mod to see if it is ok...  Don't just post a spam message and leave.. IT WILL BE REMOVED. Period. The nice thing about this site, is it isn't your average spam filled foul language and filth overrun website. This is a wonderfully tight-knit community, and they voice their opinions loud and clear. If it is unwanted, It will be removed. Again, if you think it truly has merit, ask , and we will review it, and if it's worth it, will allow it to be posted here... Or, become a full fledged contributing member, unlike your website, noone makes money from this one, and noone pays money for anything. We all just enjoy each others music and freindship.. How's that for a concept? Musicians enjoying making music for the fun of having people listen? wow.. Is that even done anywhere else anymore?

#18May 4th, 2007 · 04:45 PM
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Thanks Jim. That's all I've got to say.
#19May 6th, 2007 · 11:12 PM
To JimkDaAdtman & slasherx
hey Jim & slasherx

Jim - thanks for the advice.  And again, apologies for the 'abuse' of the forum.  Last thing I want to do is mess with an established music community - it does nothing for the website's brand to ruin any goodwill with your main target audience.

So... taking your advice, how do I go about asking permission, or getting the mods to review the site to determine whether it's appropriate?

I would appreciate an opportunity to contact mud, understanding this is his site.  He's unlikely to want me to contact him directly, so if you think this is something worthwhile, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could pass on my email - fadi@sessionsound.com

You obviously don't "owe" me that, but I am confident that if you take a minute to look at the site, read through how we work, or even contact some of the musicians on there, you would see that this is something that could benefit your community.

I can understand the scepticism that many in your community feel for music 'business' people, especially after reading a few of the posts.



PS.  Nope, not Scottish.  And not gay, I think... :-)
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