#1April 13th, 2021 · 12:02 PM
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Alice Deeper's Machinima music videos
Well, so I got my hands on MovieStorm, and now I can make silly Machinima videos to some of my songs. Here is my first attempt:

and here is my second:

It's fun, but a lot of time sinks into making the sets - I made the second one completely from scratch, the first one is based on a template.
#2April 14th, 2021 · 03:29 PM
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I'm not familiar with Machinima, so it would be interesting to know the process for creating the video component of these.

"Fail ad Fail" had a surreal/delirium effect (the green tint, the laser-light-show, the solemn quality of the characters) which matched the music well, I thought.

The video component of "It All Comes Together" seemed more light-hearted, even whimsical, which contrasts with the rather ominous lyrics of the song. The background dancers, (Elliot Ness and a his prostitute friend) doing the  "Watusi" made me laugh.

I hope you'll do more of these...meanwhile, I'm off to explore Machinima...
#3April 15th, 2021 · 01:32 AM
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Thanks, cat!
I will certainly do more of these. Making the sets and directing ('programming') the puppets is a labour of patience. These two videos were put together in 2 full days each. In ways, the process is similar to multitrack recording music except now, it's set props and lighting, choreography (meaning all movements, not just silly dance) and camera angles that have to harmonize and complement.
I have definitely found a new hobby in this. Right now I am working on short story ideas that I will accompany with specific-scored music to them, likely in the form of ambient guitar and synth played to the finished visuals and built out a bit. It is a lot of work but the focus involved in the process is really rewarding 
#4November 2nd, 2021 · 07:48 AM
It's very cool, I've already shot one clip, hahaha.
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