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Hi Lealdana and welcome to Bandamp! No, your music certainly doesn't suck. Both compositions in these videos have real promise. You're taking the right step in soliciting feedback on your music. Keep it up!

As a moderator, I want to give you a little feedback on Bandamp. The Audio Review forum here is only for direct uploading of MP3 music, so links to youtube don't really belong here - however, we do have a "Video Review Forum" where you can embed your Youtube videos for review and feedback. There's a little tutorial on how to embed videos here: http://forum.bandamp.com/Questions/27177.html.

In the meantime, I have moved your post to the Video Review forum.
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You have basis to build on - You just need to polish up your act
The rap vocal melody is dieing for Drums and Bass - you could collaborate with someone or do it yourself if you are prepared to try and learn.
We can help improve your production - It's better that you upload an mp3 in the audio review forum where you have a better chance of members responding.
Give it a try - you have nothing to loose.
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