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Music Videos From Recording Artist Roxanna
Hey everyone,

Check out these official music videos from recording artist Roxanna.
"Unforgotten" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIbH0usz3c4
"Para Siempre" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qh7oR5znPg

Roxanna is an incredible talent and can sing like no other artist I've heard in a very long time. She was able to land actor James Scott to costar in the videos and they both are amazing. Be sure to stay tuned for more from Roxanna come early 2013.

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I watched the first video"Unforgotten" - Pro stuff
You should ask Roxanna, assuming you know her to upload her music in the audio section, so that it can be reviewed.  I'm sure it will get highly rated by the members. There is a YouTube tab on the top right of the written entry of the thread box so you can present the video like this You only select the code after the = sign of the YouTube URL
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Thanks for the tip Denis! And I'm glad you enjoy her music! Spread the word! (:
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Spread the word ?

Spread your own bloody word

Denis .... you shouldn't help these losers, let them take the time to understand and respect the site, we've had to !
This one has the audacity to ask you to become a minister of their cause !

If Carmen1985 is not directly associated with Roxanna then it's simply receiving money to go on line and spam the links. Which puts them outside 'independent musicians'
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Here's the new video link for Roxanna's "Unforgotten" video:

She also did a version in Spanish:

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