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Reward the movie soundtrack

You can buy the soundtrack at http://rewardthemovie.bandcamp.com/track/reward-soundtrack-2. You can watch the movie at http://evangelistisaacfilms.com/. Thank you so much.
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nice suits but weired moves.... like apes somehow
#3December 2nd, 2012 · 03:07 PM
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I have loads of hair .... but I kind of agree ... they are very ape like in their movements, cant they just keep still?
And one of them seems to want to go to the toilet..... but is too shy to ask !
As music based as it is, this post is considered spam .... being the good christian that you are you should have reviewed a few songs or videos first before posting your own .... it's the decent thing to do you know
It get some points for the effort, the message is good, video is well produced on a  low budget but I'm not into the style or the performance .... your man on the right keeps on looking to your man with the hat for confirmation of some sort !! Like he dont know what he's doing there.
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