#1November 21st, 2012 · 09:09 AM
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a metal draft (work in progress)
It might be 3-4 yrs ago when I suddenly suffered on a synovitis  of my thumb joint. Couldnīt move, touch or grab anything for months. Hence I couldnīt play git, bass or keys or just hold a pick. 
Only thing I could do was teaching myself tapping technique on guitar. Over the time I composed a part which I didnīt know where / how ro use it for a while.
This summer I visited a workshop with the ex-Annihilator-guitarist Jeff Waters. This gig inspired me to try out some heavy metal stuff and I developed some riffs which I combined with the tapping part
as an intro ( or so).

This vid is a very raw draft of a metal piece so I hope you excuse the awful sound of the cam-mic.
I recorded it in summer for not to be forgotten later on.

Not a vid for entertainment, but maybe interesting for guitarists. ..........(if at all...)

#2November 22nd, 2012 · 03:02 PM
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United Kingdom
Is that your new Fender Deluxe? How are you getting on with it?
I could never get on with tapping, I think it's more musical on very fast songs, but I'm a mere spectator, I know nothing about tapping.
Your technique looks Ok, but timing is out.
#3December 27th, 2012 · 08:45 AM
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Iīm late for thanking you for watching , Denis, but I didnīt forget..

Yep, the new (1 1/2 yrs) strat. I love it, but didnīt play much the past weeks.
Iīm sure, if you couldnīt play the git the way youīre used to, youīd try it out after a few weeks. Youīd miss holding the git, gaining tones, noises etc. And if tapping were the only way to play your well beloved instrument.......
The tapping part (kind of intro) is indeed played out of measure. Tempo, timing is variing like I felt. 
When I constrict it into a measure it sounds .............somehow................dunno. Didnīt like it.
Must be worked out , I guess

Btw, learning tapping isnīt that difficult as I thought before. Itīs an easy main principle.
Start slowly and encrease tempo. Rest is messing around with arpeggios, harmonies, finding the right notes.
I watched just 2 youtube tutos to understand how it works basically.
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