#1August 19th, 2012 · 08:22 PM
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Puerto Rico
Surfing anyone!

#2August 20th, 2012 · 03:57 AM
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M wrote…
Surfing anyone!
Yep, am the world´s biggest sofa surfer.............

Fascinating scenes on this powerful, energetic music. Fits perfectly. Awesome effects and transitions. Like it much.
From which stock vid provider  you used the footage ? Can you post the link here, please? Am also on the search for interesting and free vid-material and new inspiration.

#3August 23rd, 2012 · 05:39 PM
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United Kingdom
Lots of very beautiful imagery and a very good song.
The song I am most familiar with, watching that dude on the surfboard was ... awesome
What a beautiful thing to do, kiss a wall of water and then ride that wave .....
#4September 14th, 2012 · 09:58 AM
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Puerto Rico
Tx guys...Uli the stock footage I found via torrents and the surf footage is from youtube downloads...
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