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Forget - Behind the Scenes

Hey so I'm in the process of recording hopefully an 'awesome/final' sounding version of one of my songs "Forget" and here's the behind the scenes video of some of what I'm doing so far that I uploaded to my secondary channel.
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Dunno..... you look quite funny when you're singing.

Setting up your "studio" normally starts with planning the infrastructure (Where can I start cabling? Where is the heart of the studio (Mixer, Speakers)? Where can I place instruments?). But you can also fix your instruments first but never (NEVER!) lead your cables over the floor! As an IT guy I have millions of these little wire binders coming with new stuff tied around the cables. Velcro tape does it all the way. You can buy them in every color.
Nailing your stuff at the wall is a good idea and gives you space on the floor. But be careful: Hanging it too deep gives headaches sometimes.

#3August 18th, 2012 · 11:07 AM
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Thanks triton! Yeah I know I really shouldn't have my wires all scattered over my floor and I do own a fair amount of that velcro tape too. So I must be just too lazy to do it? lol. I really should though. Thanks for pointing it out.
lol and I don't think I can help it if I look mental when I'm singing :P
thanks for watching
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