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Indie-Acoustic Short Demo
Here is my short Acoustic song demo. It is unfinished and like the Title and the sentence before says, it is short. So please give me some feedback on it.

P.S. I suck at using forum's so please excuse my terrible posting of my link.
#2August 8th, 2012 · 02:22 AM
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It's quite easy to upload your song, search in the FQA tab above.  However, I've inserted your YouTube video here for now it should really go in the video forum. It's worth learning how to upload your songs here on bandAMP, you will increase your chances of some feedback - It's one good place if that's what you want 

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Hahaha Thanks man! 
#4August 8th, 2012 · 03:41 AM
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You suck at using forums ... ?   Yes !
You play a nice bit of guitar ... but your video is excellent, you really have an eye for it.
Do you have a lot of music ? Or more video material ?
There's more time in the video editing than on the music track.

Welcome to bandAMP .... just brows around and use your nous you'll suss out how to use the forums soon enough.
Upload your audio through your Music page : http://sleemusic.bandamp.com/music.html
It will come out here in the Audio Review ... you can edit it afterwards.
Post your videos in the Video Review forum ..... put only the video code between the [ youtube ] tags

Hope to hear / see more of your work .... do you do collaborations ?
#5August 8th, 2012 · 03:59 AM
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Welcome to the amp! You'll love it here 

This was really cool, like Kings says, the video is especially great, but I love the feel of the music as well. I can't wait to hear what else you have! Post more!
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