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The New iPad Phone

New video guys! What do you think? Also coming up soon is an EPIC video involving time travel and whatnot. (I'll also paste the rules for the challenges that I included in the youtube doobly-doo.)

1st Challenge Rules:

Send me an email at hobocraig@gmail.com of an opening title type thing for my channel/show! If its a video, make sure its pretty close to 5 seconds long...but I'll accept a max of 10 seconds, if its worth it. So be creative! Send in as many times as you want as well! Tell your friends Just be super creative and come up with cool things! I know my channel doesn't really have a name...It's just 'craigmcbrine'...but that doesn't mean I can't have a title screen right?

2nd Challenge Rules:

Submit video responses of you and your friends or your pets or your grandma saying "Hello, Good evening". Or at the very least saying that. Also do you guys like it with it at the end? Submit as many video responses as you want, and do it on each of my new videos. I will try to get to all of them and use as many as I can and if I use your video I will link to your channel as well! Thanks so much! I look forward to what you guys will come up with!
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An iPhad !
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Good creativity - you appear to be getting more confident in front of the camera.
I'm sure you know this, but a good friend of mine who like you is a mad enthusiastic movie producer said to me clips should be no longer than 10 seconds, yes it's a nightmare to edit, but well worth the effort, some of the modern videos edit to the extreme, you don't have to go that far, but shorter clips will grab the attention of your viewers more.  I'd like to see you comment or overdub on some of the footage, perhaps have yourself in the intro an outro, and commentary throughout.
Keep 'em coming.
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