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Sending Files
Hi. I know many of you have been collaborating recently over the internet and am wondering if anyone can tell me what is the best way of sending files (particularly large files) over the net. Ideally I want to be sending WAV files which are usually in excess of 39Mb and this usually exceeds mailbox size restrictions.
Aree there perhaps email accounts which will accept files of this size or maybe is zipping them the way to go?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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You know... for a big file like that I would zip it and try to get the size down. If you can setup an ftp server on your machine so people can fetch it, that might work as well.
#3March 19th, 2007 · 05:16 PM
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The FTP could help, another way is zip it and try with


I use it often to send very BIG files

#4March 20th, 2007 · 08:50 AM
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I have used www.sendthisfile.com  sending wav files. I think either one would work. I haven't used yousendit but if it's like sendthisfile ...you set up a free account give it a email of who your sending it too then upload your file. all free.  I have sent wav files to puppet and basketcase using sendthisfile so I know it works. upload speed is usually around 500 to 880 Kbs ..but will sometimes throttle back on the free accounts to under 500kbs.

I edited this post  mbs to kbs
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Thanks for the tips guys. Very helpful.
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