#1August 3rd, 2005 · 10:16 AM
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Must see
OMFG! You have to see this. Freedom! Any freedom fighter will be interested. Even those with a casual distaste for our government, regardless of if you are satisfied with the current presidency... you should watch this.


Watch it before the government takes it down! You have to see this. As a citizen of earth you should watch this, it's your duty to be informed.
#2August 4th, 2005 · 12:24 PM
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i found it very interesting, and i spent much time looking into a lot of what it has to say

i'm not sure that i think it's completely true, though i can't dispute that it seems likely that it could have happened that way

that's just my informed 2 cents.
#3August 4th, 2005 · 06:36 PM
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cool... here's the refutation... just so we all have both points of view...


interesting that the refutation does adress claims made in the book which I have not read... but does not address a couple of the key claims I'm interested in understanding from that video... such as the immediate confiscation of the videos, the amazing penta-lawn and no air turbulence jet-blasts on I-395... plus the fact that it went through three rings... i mean could a jet really punch neat little holes like that? I do wonder about that... most of the other refutation points seem valid though...
#4August 4th, 2005 · 07:26 PM
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this appears to be real though:


my main point, and I think the main point proposed by that video... is that there was greater planning that went into this endeavor and if we think that the government didn't know about it we're kidding ourselves. how big is the conspiracy? how big is the coverup? we'll probably never know.

who really killed JFK or Martin Luther King? Does it matter? Not really, we know it happened, that should be enough proof for most that "something's not right" with this picture.
#5August 5th, 2005 · 06:55 AM
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yeah, the snatching of all taped footage of the "attack" is quite odd.  i understand them wanting to censor it to the public, but NOT releasing it all just feels funny.

the arguement about the seemingly untouched ground is that (by theoretical calculations, since nobody actually has recorded video of it) the plane's course didn't take it skidding along the ground, but rather was losing altitude just right so that it was flying only just a few feet from the ground at the point where it hit the building

that senario doesn't seem like the sort of thing that just randomly happens, but the calculations they tried to figure out was based on the reported altitudes and rate at which it was falling as last recorded by the air traffic tower.

i suppose it COULD have been a plane, given my above description of the "explanation."  one report i read said that a plane couldn't make the sort of u-turn the object performed before running into the pentagon.  i can believe though that it may have been a remotely controlled plane though.  i can buy that.

and it's hard to just decide if the fragments of airplane that they found were actually real, or if they were planted, as some of the pieces they DID find were aparently very oddly located.

it's fairly odd to think though... how much DID the gov't know before hand.  i'm not saying they were secretly behind it, but still...  it's a curious matter

i mean could a jet really punch neat little holes like that?

part of a report's explanation for the fact that there was no real obvious wing debris was that the plane was being torn to shreds by the support columns on the near-empty ground floor of the under-rennovation segment.  the problem with that, is that ... shouldn't the cockpit area also have been shreded?  and if that's the case, how come such a neat hole WAS punched through?  if such a whole to were to be created, a solid piece of something had to do it.  the released photos (although i'm sure don't show enough valid proof to support EITHER side of the debate about this) don't show any wreckage at all of such an in-tact piece that could have made that hole

weird stuff...
#6August 26th, 2005 · 10:42 AM
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maybe I didn't follow it well, but i felt like the film implied the FBI actually caused the blast with a fighter plane or spy plane or something...

if that were the case, what the hell for? Is it possible there was an attempted coup on the American Government and they're covering it up because of the implications of how far it managed to get? Why would the FBI bomb the Pentagon?
#7August 26th, 2005 · 10:58 AM
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IMO if our gov't staged it- it would be to impress upon citizens that terrorists not only attacked civilians but the gov't as well. Read as deep into that as you want.
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