#1November 23rd, 2017 · 02:18 AM
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why?  not enough activity?   I'm working on music. to post. I just haven't got anything ready yet.  it is dead compared to what it used to be. which is a shame really.
#2November 25th, 2017 · 01:09 PM
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Sorry to see you go fish.  And sorrier for not posting things you found interesting.  There are a lot of reasons why I don't build songs the way I used to, the kind that at least fit your idea of a song better (even if they were pretty poorly executed on my part).

It's not the main reason I stopped composing and uploading analog stuff (the main reason is a personal one) but I found that even amongst the active Amp users, only once in a blue moon did someone post actionable feedback.  When not a lot of users are active, it makes the one or two limp comments you DO get seem that much less helpful, and the one good comment seem like mana from heaven :P

I can say that for myself, I stopped trying to post compositions that I felt like I needed feedback to become better.  I fell into posting things that were already done or had a strong enough idea behind it that it didn't honestly matter what feedback I got.  We either share or we don't share, and given the options, it feels better to share something you're proud of than to come to the Amp for opinions and find only one liners like "it has issues" and then zero attempt to analyze what those issues are.

Extremely low-effort critiques is the real reason this stuff fails, in my opinion (made worse by a low active user count, of course).  Not everybody has to be a critiquing genius, but we have so few members that the low-effort stuff really sticks out.  It's hard to give thoughtful and calculated critiques when all you ever get in return is "it's good" or "aside from the obvious issues that I won't talk about" or "someone else will probably talk about X so I won't".

I'll try to do better.  I hope you still feel comfortable posting anything new you want to share, even if it's just because you're proud of what you made.

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