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Attn: Delete uploads
I just deleted SoundCloud and U-Tube.

The pirate site does not hold downloads it links directly to the upload site

I checked and all my links here are broken!

Too Bad So Sad

Is ReverbNation Safe?
#2August 14th, 2015 · 03:11 PM
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What's all the panic about?
Piracy has been around for years and it will forever be.
If you are worried about your copyrights you should register your music with what ever body is responsible in your country. In the UK its PRS. It does not cost much in the UK, so I assume it's the same globally.
Personally if your music gets heard from piracy, it's free advertising. My music has been pirated many times, I'm really not bothered by it at all.
I came to the conclusion years ago that unless you are an artist that is selling thousands of songs per year, it will not affect you financially, they are certainly not after your copyrights.
Do yourself a favour and register your music for your peace of mind.
#3August 16th, 2015 · 02:27 AM
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I wrote to soundcloud about sites that link  unfortunately there's not much they can do about it except advise disable downloads ...well at least they have a sense of humour. Honestly mate don't sweat it , if you see 30k downloads coming from the link site it would only add up to a few $ from spotify anyway. Everything is moving away from downloads .Denis is right register your music ...here in Australia it's APRA , it's free to join  & if your music ends up on TV radio streaming cable etc you will may some $.If you want do Distrokid to distribute itunes spotify amazon.  Also with youtube tag the video up with  a well placed watermark & do titles too, if it gets shared or copied all that info travels with it. & if your shared video gets lots of hits thats a lot of free advertising .
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