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one to introduce yourself
I saw that kind of tread on other site and I thought it was a good idea

"Hello everyone my name is Vincent I'm a 35 years old french man who's been living in the UK for nearly 10 years now
I'm married with 2 lovely children
I use to be in a duet when I was in France but I've only starting doing music again more seriously this years
I like most kind of music but recently I've been playing mainly acoustic stuff
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I agree...It's a pretty cool idea...  Much better to call someone "joe" instead of "RckNrllPirate" or somethin like that..

My name is Jim and I am a 36 years old German/Irish/Italian born and raised in the USA... I live in Ohio, whose northern shoreline is the 13th largest lake in the world, Lake Erie.. I have a beautiful wife, who also is a member here, NakedToes4me(Linda), and 3 kids(Two grown, one living at home) The yougest is Dusty, he is also a member here.. I was a sound engineer/roadie/general go-fer for some local bands for 20ish years, but never learned to play an instrument.. So, in 2005, I decided to learn to play.. I bought a$40 acoustic guitar, and gave it a whirl for about a week..  Then I heard my brother playing the Banjo...So, I knew I had to have one..  SO I tried banjo for a few weeks(about 3 months) Not exactly my cup of tea.. Very complicated..  too many rolls and such..
But while learning banjo, I heard the Mandolin.. SO I bought one, and started learning mandolin, while I was learning banjo.. the guitar sat untouched.. I dropped banjo too, and stuck with mandolin.. for about 6 months.. Then decided to pick up the guitar again.. so from april 2005 to around febuary 2006 I practiced the guitar a handful of times..  Picked it back up in 2006, That is also when I went electric too...  I bought more gear in 2006 than I know what to do with.. I got hooked.. so, now, here it is a whole year, and I am making some progress on the guitar.. I must admit, being around bands for so long has definitely helped me learn faster.. but sometimes I still feel like I am not making enough prgress..  I mean, I don't feel ready to "jam" with other musicians.. mostly because I don't know any songs, other than what I write.. but I know I'll never stop playing.. 

GOD, I made mine a loooong one...  sorry

#3February 11th, 2007 · 04:01 PM
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Yea it's long JimK but it's good to get to know you! 

Cool idea vince, but isn't this what a 'home page' is for? that is , the people who want to introduce themselves in this way do it there!

Any way, I'm not who I seam, and you may call me 'he who shall remain nameless' ! 
#4February 11th, 2007 · 06:27 PM
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United Kingdom
Other than what my biography says on my page:
Aaron from the U.K.
In a four piece rock band called Leptany (www.leptany.co.uk).
Work on my own compistions.
I play the Piano, Guitar and Bass.

My music interest started when I was around 9-11 years old when I joined a "Keyboard Club" at my junior school; so shy at the time I attended it with my mother (who quickly became the embarrassment). Although, it really began when I was 5 years old when I first saw a classical guitar in a superstore. I still remember it today  being on the top shelf out of reach. Having ditched my mother at the club I gave up keyboard club as there was nothing left to be learnt. Fortunatley my mother worked alongside with the teacher of the class and arranged that she came to teach me at home charging only 5 for 30 minutes tutoring. My parents bought my first keyboard for me which had (if I recall correctly) 3-4 octaves (Just the way you are was the demo ). Having progressed (and grown!) my parents finally bought me the keyboard that fitted the specification I needed.

It wasn't until I moved into my secondary school that my love of guitars come to really shine. After socialising in different groups which was heavily music orientated I began to find myself going round friends trying to cram atleast 5 minutes to play a guitar. It was about a year till I got my hands on a "handed down" acoustic from a friend. It was a DG design and had all six strings, the only issue it had was the high E, 11th fret, was worn down. After finally teaching my self the basics of guitars my parents bought me an eletric for my birthday. Funnily enough, I handed down the acoustic (which I kind of regretted) to a girl I liked at the time (although it makes me glad it helped her interest in guitar). This was when I was 13-14. It was not until I became 17 I actually had any kind of amplification to go with the guitar. I bought a Line 6 PODxt. After having building work (and buying that nice little device) my playing of the piano (which I was given 4 months before) from last years january to now has been non existant.

I hope to go back to college for an extra year (to buy me time to decide a university and what not) to get my interest in music to become academic and recognisable. #
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WOW! This could be FUN!... I can't play a thing!...I have in the past played a few songs
on a keyboard, organ. OH OH I've played a Tambourine! and maybe sticks or stones!
I was paid to sings two songs for the dean of OSU at some type of banquet I can't remember
what it was for... All I knew is I was getting paid to sing and I had free BEER! (this was High Schol) LOL
It was a blast My cousin was to sing two songs also... but he FROZE on the first song!
HAHAHAHA....... it was hilarious! I know I sound mean, but we were always at each other!
He still tries! I had the crowd into it and clapping! WHOOAAAAA!...oh well...
Anyways... I am Nakedtoes4me (I hate wearing SHOES) hence the name.....other then that
Linda... and I am married to Jimdaadtman......an usually I am a smart ass....can I say that??
well I didn't say it I Typed it! PPPPPTTTHHHH!!!!!!......

And usually I like everyone!...I just sometimes don't know what to say! 
#6February 12th, 2007 · 01:54 AM
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Well, what can I say that is not already in my bio?!

Should I mention that I am older now than I ever was before, but not necessarily wiser? That I've been making noise ever since I was born, and grew up with (mostly toy-) instruments all around me? Well atleast these toy instruments were functioning properly, contrary to a lot of plastic toy instruments I see in stores nowadays. What's the use of 1-5 year olds getting instruments that are incapable of producing any decent sounds at all? How will that leave lasting impressions for the rest of their lives, undermining any musical creativity they might start to develope?

Thankfully that didn't happen to me. I started playing keys at an early age, a bit more seriously from 11 and up, drums since 13 and up, and guitars since 16 and up. Started home recording on a fostex 28h 4 track cassette recorder at the end of 1993 (I was still aged 16) and have recorded over 600 songs now (mostly my own compositions).

I forget to mention MOS 6581 SID - (wha?) try googling it

 Even though my fame has spread to the far corners of the known universe (and probably beyond), I have a low-key dayjob right now, but that's all just part of staying incognito (credibly -).

[EDIT]Wanna know more? Read my blog, I post there whenever I have something of interest to share
#7February 12th, 2007 · 04:50 PM
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wow, this is a nice idea! 

well, I'm Ricardo, but I prefeer be named just as dodo. I'm a mexican 28 years old, married, father of Luis.
hmm i started to play the guitar 10-12 years ago, but in a precious time I found the bass and i simply love it.
Actually I don't have so much time to compose new music but I hope the inspiration can comeback soon. I'm studying the master in Sciences and Arts for Design, particulary the relationed to Territorial research and management...

well, in my past I was like a Rockstar region 4, I believed deeply in "make fans not friends"

ok, see you soon, I can't wait to know more about you!

#8February 12th, 2007 · 08:16 PM
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Hmm, well, I know that my bio is lacking (I did plan on updating it, I swear) so here's my attempt at this:

So, I am 17, born in Hiberville, living in Halifax. I started playing alto saxophone at the age of 12 and started guitar last year (so that would have made me 16). I always had a knack for writing and music, I guess. Lyrics come pretty quickly to me. But yes, I've always adored music, having always been around it. On the sax, I -adore- beyond belief playing latin and jazz. Or a combination (Tito Puente is amazing). On the guitar, pretty well anything, but I lean towards folksy acoustic stuff. Right, but anyways, I'm an aspiring musicien (I don't give myself that title just yet) and quite hoping to manage to play some shows soon. Well, soon-ish. As in, within the next two or three years. Oh, and my name's Sam.

Anyways, that's it!
#9February 13th, 2007 · 12:29 AM
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Puerto Rico
Well I'm from Puerto Rico been in USA for 10 years. I've been playing since I was 7 now 38 years old.Recorded my first and only LP( vinyl ,Cd's weren't available yet) at the age of 15.Did lots of Session work in studios and local tours.Steped back due to drinking problems among other things.( Wow! honest).A few years later came back to the scene but stoped the session playing so I could focus in my own projects and to stay out of trouble. Lots of my playing was centered in New York City (CBGB', Knitting Factory,Bitter end,Wet lands,Lions den,etc.. and outdoor festivals in Central Park) and Miami (Tobacco Road,Churchill's). Some of my works Include scores for off Broadway plays,musical arrangement for Sesame street(freelance) ,radio jingles,Studio work for Latin bands and my own bands.
My name is
Anthony Costello
#10February 13th, 2007 · 01:38 AM
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Good idea...

well, I'll try not to wear out my welcome, since I feel I've isolated myself with my long hiatus and perhaps other subconcious mideeds...

I've been attached to earplugs since I was 6.  Played "guitar" first with a training tennis raquet, "air guitaring" my way through the '80's and then finally picking up a real guitar at age 15. I finally penned songs up at college and when I met this guy who was totally into music I got hooked into songwriting. I play piano, guitar, and sing...Though I claim I do these things, I don't claim that I do it well or better than anyone else....I have had my share, ups and downs, personal and public.  My music has helped me through all that.  I only wish to share that with others....

My ego may have also been bruised from time to time, and as a struggling "aritist" had once decided to give up music all together.  I am in the midst of a cocoon stage I guess, transforming and maturing into something else.

I hope that I can learn from past mistakes and learn new lessons along the way, from all of you here.
Nice to meet all of you, so enthusiastic and dedicated towards music
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