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#16February 5th, 2007 · 06:25 PM
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BasketCase wrote…
Man, I cant believe I forgot to mention my favorite song of all time.......................................

LMAO! Always With Me, Always With You...Joe "satch" Satriani..
#17February 8th, 2007 · 09:38 PM
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United States of America
1.In This River-Black Label Society
2.Sweet Child of Mine-GNR
3.My My Hey Hey-Neil Young
4.Danny's Song-Loggins and Messina
5.Dream On- Aerosmith
6.Sweet Mellissa-The Allman Brothers
7.This Love-Pantera
8.Cemetary Gates-Pantera
9.Every Rose Has It's Thorn-Poison
10.Jukebox Hero-Foreigner(I Think)

these might not all be exactly depressing songs, but they all seem sad to me cause they mean something.
#18February 11th, 2007 · 06:21 PM
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United Kingdom
Antimatter - The Weight Of The World
You probabnly wont of heard it but it's great.

Counting Crows - Colorblind
I've got the Between The Buried and Me version and love it but I imagine most would prefer the origanal.

Deep Purple - When  A Blind Man Cries
If only for the solo.

Linkin Park - My December
Ha ha, hell yes linkin park.

Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philidelphia
Seriously feeling this tune right now.

NIN - Hurt

Papa Roach - Tightrope
This the hidden track on the end of Thrown Away on the "Infest album". Find it, listen to it and be blown away...BY PAPA ROACH. Seriously...

K's Choice - Not an Addict
This has speciel meaning for me, not through my personal experiance. I have a friend who has a friend in rehab for heroin and crack. They wen't through alot together. He's managed to get himself back together and she's on a good path right now but my mates only just turned 16....so yeah. Felt I needed to explain that.

Slipknot - Vermillion Prt 2

Bout it I think,
#19June 7th, 2007 · 01:34 AM
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South Africa
Just a couple things:
Late goodbye - poets of the fall(upcoming finnish band)
The noose - a perfect circle(yea...)
happiness - grant lee buffalo(very sombre)
Bother - stone sour(about the artist and his father)
The drugs don't work - The Verve(obviously)
Hurt - Johnny cash(nice cover!!)
#20June 7th, 2007 · 04:24 AM
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Yeah for the days when I'm down
My Blue-List:

Glycerine - Bush
Comptine d'un autre été (L'après midi) - Yann Tiersen
Starlight - MUSE
Two Shoes - The Cat Empire
Brothers in Arms - Dire Straights
Walk of Life - Dire Straights
Lynguistic - Cunninlynguists
#21June 7th, 2007 · 08:05 AM
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Wow.. what a mess..
You guys are a hoot...
Knocking on Heaven's Door - Bob Marley (no one else gonna correct the boy??)

Loggins and Messina??? Danny's Song (depressing)??   should we examine the lyrics
                                                                           a little closer or what??

FFF???  "Blue List?"  (rofalol)  he turns the dagger...  (lol)

I'm Blue....  BluEyes that is...  The only true one left, ordained by the Chairman of the Board Himself!!

rofalol.. thanks guys.. I needed a good laugh this morning..  should have got em all, but just picked on the
highlights I remembered off the top of my head... Next someone will say House at Pooh Corner and Listen to a country song/holiday hotel by loggins and messina...  go figure...  DIRE STRAITS?? You gotta be kidn me?

oh well everyone does in fact have their own interpretations... If you're gonna execute one for
calling the supreme deity Jesuia Then you have to get the other guy for calling the supreme
one Jesus, or me for calling her Mother Goddess...  Mother Earth - Mother Goddess isn't
real happy with this bunch of leeches these days anyway.. just wonder if she's gonna be able
to straighten it up in time?? ok to much religion and politics this morning already huh?


#22June 10th, 2007 · 11:34 AM
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United Kingdom
These are some songs i listen to, when i'm feeling a bit sad, and just want to listen, and lie-down, or stare out of a car window, at night, when someone else is driving.

Van Morrison - Into the Mystic
Jungle Book - We're Your Friends
Tankus the Henge - Smiling Makes the Day go Quicker

There are more, but i have to go and stick my mohawk up for tonight!
#23June 15th, 2007 · 05:05 PM
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Songs I enjoy listening to when I choose to wallow in my misery include:

Sing me to sleep- The Smiths

Knocking on Heaven's Door- Bob Dylan

Redemption Song - Bob Marley

Dog and Butterfly - Heart

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

The entire album of Abbey Road - Beatles (I don't know why I love to cry to this)
#24June 15th, 2007 · 07:36 PM
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Hmm--my feelings seem to lie with VK's on this one.

Ten, in no particular order:
Redemption Song - Bob Marley
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
That's The Way - Led Zeppelin
Prince Of Spades - Dispatch
Thin Air - Pearl Jam
Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
Benighted - Opeth
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles

...and because ten isn't nearly enough:

Angie - The Rolling Stones
A shit-load of  - Pearl Jam
III - Led Zeppelin

The Avi All-Time Most Depressing Song Award Goes To:

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
#25June 15th, 2007 · 07:38 PM
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I hit "Post!" and Bridge Over Troubled Water comes on.  Uh oh.
#26June 15th, 2007 · 08:05 PM
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United States of America
1. Metallica - Fade To Black

2. Natalie Merchant - The Living

3. Duran Duran - Ordinary World

4. Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

5. Postal Service - District Sleeps Alone

6. Annie Lennox - No More I Love You's

7. Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek

8. Morcheeba - Howling

9. Enya - On Your Shore, The Longships and No Holly For Miss Quinn

10. Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

These are just a couple off the top of the dome...
#27March 13th, 2009 · 06:37 PM
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United States of America
Fav Depressing Songs
In no particular order:

Waltz #2 - Elliot Smith
Best I ever Had - Vertical Horizon
Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood
Hallellujah - Jeff Buckley or Rufus Wainwright
I Wonder - Kellie Pickler
I Love You - Sarah McLachlin
How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye - Patty Loveless (I'll cry in public to this one)
My Immortal - Evanessence
Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
Gravity - Sara Bareilles (great song, I don't know why more people haven't heard it)
Run - Snow Patrol or Leona Lewis
Top of the World - Dixie Chicks
Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
Most of Flyleafs music - I love them

I actually don't listen to country music that often, apparently I just like the depressing country song, ha.
#28March 13th, 2009 · 07:15 PM
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Piano Man - Billy Joel
anything by Sarah McLachlan
(by the way these arent my "favorite" songs just really good songs that are sort of depressing)
#29August 14th, 2009 · 01:02 AM
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jesus christ-brand new
people like me-k'naan
dead flag blues by goodspeed you black emperor
little motel-modest mouse
sound of silence-simon and garfunkel
mad world-gary jules
yesterday-the beatles
grapevine fires-death cab for cutie
untitled 1-sigur ros
cancer-my chemical romance
#30August 15th, 2009 · 11:21 AM
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HURT - Nine Inch Nails (johnny cash cover)
yesterday - beatles
while my guitar gently weeps - beatles
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