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Sample Browser Manager
Being one of those beings who has accumulated a lot of sound samples I'm always looking for a good Wave/Mp3 Sample Browser. One that works quickly and has some cool 'extra' functions is always preferred.

I know Windows has it's Madia Player, and set up correctly in your system it works fine, just a little slow and not intuitive when your 'on a roll'. XP had the most wonderful Classic Media Player that was quick, looped correctly and could open as many instances as was possible with your given processor. It just could not categorize.

So I've tried out a few free ones by now and I've not been happy with any of them ... until now.

Want to get to all your samples and organise them as you please ?
Try Aural Probe .... I know it sounds like a toothbrush, but it is an excellent piece of software.
Download page :

Check out the comments too.

It's so simple, quick and handy if your working with samples.
And the most wonderful part is that you can set up your own categories.
You'll notice in the picture that the last 7 categories in the list are my own.

I also came across http://www.revel-software.it/Breezer.aspx which looks totally cool and useful but there's no fwee version.

Got any suggestions or perceptions ? let us know
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I wanted an easy way of loading songs on to my iPhone without having to go on iTunes, which takes forever and found this great media player that works with the iPhone - very easy drag and drop, plus quick & FREE

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That's a neat tool, though I'm afraid my sample library went the way of the dodo when my HDD crashed. Well, I wasn't using any of it anyway, always deemed it "good to have", but right now whenever I would need a sample, I'd just pluck it off the web some way.
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