#1August 14th, 2012 · 03:42 AM
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ultimative bass lesson...
...by Jaco Pastorius.

I know, this vid is very long but this is the most enlighting, impressing, salutary interview / demonstration about bass playing as well as muisc in general Ive seen for a long time.
Hes talking about his influences, his philosophy and understanding of music, about discipline and practicing,
he demonstrates a bunch of exercises, scales, techniques.
Also he plays a wonderful jazz solo piece and a great session with i.E. John Scofield. WOOOOWWWW!!

This vid is not only interestiung for bassmen but also for every musician / instrumentalist coz of his mindset in music generally.

Take time to watch, its worth

#2August 15th, 2012 · 02:48 PM
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Superb - a true dedicated genius.
For those not interested in learning skip to about an hour and watch him pay in a three piece.

Did you notice how far he can bend back his thumb 
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