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Whilst I have been recovering, I had some flash of inspiration to create
A. Make a list of idealisms
B. List  acts of love

Then I thought of making a thread to build up a members version.

You may ask why:

The answer is that when I started to think about it, I started to feel warm and glossy, laugh at some of the idealismns and act them out in my mind to see where it takes me. Then I realised that if you started out a plan, you could achieve some idealismns, or others could act them out.

Perhaps we should keep this musical for the time being.
I'll start off:
Would be nice if we could group Skype have Benefit in no latency and excellent audio - yes we could jam through the nite creating new songs and have a great laugh.
Act of Love
Putting a thread on bandAMP wishing a member better
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denis wrote…
Putting a thread on bandAMP wishing a member better

In your hopeless case IŽd just say :......................  

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