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Just had to share - Aretha singing "Baby I Love You"
Just had to share this - to me, this is the epitome of soul - everyone on this stage is so connected to the music in such an awesome way. The bass player in this band is amazing to me - really "in the pocket" (as they say), but also "stretching out"...making an effort to make each verse, each fill, so full of life and soul, it is simply awesome - and look at him - he makes it looks SOOOO easy! Aretha (now 70 years old!!!) is ) amazing (as always)....listen to her timing...her dynamics...truly a master. Anyway....thanks for allowing me to rave for a second....

#2May 12th, 2012 · 08:37 AM
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It's what I call true soul music.
Talented people - awesome performance - well reahearsed, or they all worked hard together.
Thanks for sharing
#3May 14th, 2012 · 04:25 PM
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That whole stage is filled with people who are musicians through and through.

Cool to see Aretha like this - haven't seen or heard much from her in some time. She featured prominently on the old soul records my father played often when I was a child.
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