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Add-on against blocked youtube-vids in germany
An die wenigen deutschen Amper:
Die meisten von euch kennen das nervige Problem mit den schwarzen Youtube-Screens. Bisher haben sich die GEMA und youtube nicht auf die finaziellen Modalitäten einigen können, da die Forderungen der GEMA exorbitant hoch sind, so daß ein wirtschaftlicher Betrieb für Youtube in Deutschland nicht möglich wäre..
Nun gibt´s ein Mozilla Add-on für Firefox, das die Videos wieder zugänglich macht.


German youtube watchers do know this annoying problem about blocked videos. This is because the GEMA and youtube can´t find an aggreement about royalties, costs and all that finacial stuff.   
Here´s a link to a mozilla add-on for firefox which can make the most blocked vids available.

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Puerto Rico
man I so wish I could read German..looks like an awesome language...suffice to say I can go as far Spanish,some Italian and some Portuguese..anything that has Latin as a root...but no German!
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Hey Marino,
it´s the first time that one says german is an aweful language.  . Most (non-german) peops feel the german language as "hard", "clunky", "sharp".  But it can be very expressive, poetic, manifold.
But one thing is for sure : german is a very, very, very difficult and complicated language. I guess there´s nobody in germany who´s using this language without mistakes.

In school I learned french for a few yrs in addition to english, but I never used it. So I forgot the most I´ve learned once. But it is similar to the roman languages as there are italien, spanish, portuguese.
During two holidays in spain when I was 20yrs. old I spent a lot of time  with spaniards and the most time we comunnicated in english. But of course among themselves they spoke spanish and after a few weeks I was able to understand in parts what they were talking about.

In these yrs. I also listened a lot of english radioshows (BFBS - John Peel is a legend).
Also I listened Radio Hilversum ( dutch radio). After a few month I was able to understand mostly what they were talking about.
This is an interesting phenomenon, learnig a language just by listening.

Perhaps I´m gonna start listening "radio moscow" soon. Or "radio teheran".
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