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A New Competiton To Help Musicians Get Discovered
Are You An Undiscovered Musician? Isnít It Time To Get Discovered? A new kind of competition is beginning for ORIGINAL Musical Artists. All Original Bands, Solo Artists, All Ages, All Genres, All Over The World Are Welcome!

This competition isnít on television and it isnít on radio or even on the web. This competition is on what most people have with them all the time...their smart phones and mobile devices!

Hereís how it works:

1) Musicians submit their original music and information about themselves on ImUndiscovered.com (Musicians do NOT need a smart phone or mobile device to enter).

2) People can then listen and vote for and learn about their favorite artists right from an app from their smart phones and mobile devices.

The competition is starting on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad platform and will likely be expanded to the Android and other platforms in the future. Hundreds of millions of people currently own iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads and are just waiting to be exposed to new and unlimited music. Again, musicians can submit their music on the website and they do not need any sort of mobile device to submit their music.

For complete information visit the website at http:/www.ImUndiscovered.com.
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Yea! Apps ... iPhones ... did someone mention making a bandAMP app ... once ... long time ago ?

Would it be like the bandAMP bar I made, in that I could go to a site and 'make an application for iPhone' ?

I like this idea and might indeed follow it and see where it gets me ...

uh Cheers Artl88 ... that was ... inspirational !

But dont do it again ....
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