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#16November 3rd, 2011 · 07:53 AM
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swordfish wrote…
post a real apocalypse .......

looks peaceful ..... but the anguish caused .... horrific!!!

keep safe


Yep. This trip changed my views for life.

MeowMachine wrote…
Man. That must been such an incredible experience. I am definitely jealous of you, PX.

Pfft! Your uke looks much better than mine, so I'm jealous at you back!

thebigguyconnor wrote…
wow!  thos are some seriously powerful photos!  Totally apocalyptic!  Reminds me sort of like half-life.  or any sort of sci-fi tv show.

That would actually be a really cool trip, although I might be slightly worried about getting contaminated or something.

Strangely, I didn't get that sensation, though I am fond of post-apocalyptic settings in games and tv shows. It was actually very peaceful, like walking in a natural park.

There is no real risk of contamination as all the radioactivity is caught in the ecology - trapped in the biology of plants and fungi and moss and animals that eat those, so it doesn't come "free" in the environment, it doesn't rub off on your clothes. As long as you don't eat anything out of the wild, you won't get contaminated - and even if you did eat one or two berries... well, the digested amount would be too low to have any significant risk of long term effects whatsoever. Hey, all the wildlife is prospering there!

blakhatz wrote…
We just got back from Japan we made it as far north as Tokyo ...pretty scary stuff they seem to be finding it (radiation) everywhere.I realized I knew nothing about acceptable levels, and the Japanese Govt is trying to deter people from getting devices and measuring them selves the logic being that the hand held devices are inaccurate.
There are some pretty pissed people there right now "Our Govt is not protecting us". The young cabinet minister who was given the bums rush out the door due to his ill timed Joke with media after visiting Fukishima .."Watch out you'll catch radiation off me" & "Fukishima is a death town" was unfortunately painted as the insensitive Villain . What wasn't reported was the sentence he said after the death town comment which was "& that's something we're going to change" .
His support base is primary producers and farmers who lost their prime food producing land to the disaster.
The atmosphere straight after the quake was .. we're getting rid of these Reactors built on fault lines but now this is being watered down as Tepco the electric company play for time with compensation etc treadmill  and are stacking committees with their acolytes.
It;s now been revealed That Tepco has overcharged is customers $630 billion over the past 10 years . The money was based on their fiscal projections which included the upgrading of these ageing reactors and infrastructure ...which just didn't happen.
Fukishima was supposed to be decommissioned last year ...I mean it's like when was the last time you flew in a 40 yr old aeroplane ...how about a using a 40 yr old fridge.
Ironically the reactors at Fukishima were supplied by the U.S.
Australia supplied about 33% of the uranium and believe me Australia is feeling like a Quarry for the world at present.
The Aboriginals rights here are pushed aside when it comes to Mining interests.Basically their Dreamtime legends told them to leave it in the ground because when you take it out you'll get Sick.
In closing I would like to refer to Steven Hawkins comment which goes something like "Maybe the test of the human race will be whether we survive the first 200 yrs after using atomic energy."

Stephen Hawking is wise. The aboriginal's dreamtime is wise too, but they are still living as hunter/gatherers. The part of the world that opted for development of technology has a huge energy demand, and we all agree fossile fuels are not the answer, and sustainable energy can't cover the demand (yet). So nuclear is a good way to bridge the gap ... Nuclear responsibility however is evident. Running a reactor is not the same as running a chocolate factory.
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