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types: multigenre duo
Some piano demos.  Some electronic music.  Some other music.
There's a song about the stupidity of hell.  There's a song about murder.
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Hey Tralfamadorian! Welcome to Bandamp!!! I'm glad you uploaded some of your stuff, however, let me suggest that you use the "Audio Review" for uploading music directly to the site instead of posting a link here to another site. It would be fine to post this kind of thing to "The Pit" (and for that reason, I am moving this posting there). I'm sure we look forward to hearing more from you and enjoying your participation in this community!
#3July 26th, 2011 · 01:33 PM
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Hey! Cheers ....
Never is ... ok , very trippy and sort of pointless, the very distorted Ride I did not get into.
I suppose if you knew you were very good you wouldn't be making flash in the pan attempts at spamming around.
Life after marriage is a song at least, a bit low quality recording of but structured.
So have you sold any ?

O! Yea, cheers because I set up a bandcamp account and paypall while I was at it !  
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