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translator machines
Everyone knows about the horror with usage of translators, as they´re ´google´or ´bable fish´or many more.
Mostly they aren´t very helpful and produce $%:o&§::o >]}{| like this.

Has anybody heard about "IM.translator"?

This seems to be a passably working machine which can translate complex text with option of audible translations you can listen to in sevearal voices (male / female)

For translating complicated text it works very well imo. At least I don´t must correct as much as in other translators.
But I still prefer to write my comments here by myself in it´s whole imperfectness and faultiness.
It´s probably the best way to improve oneself.  

Check it out and perhaps you like to report about your experience with it.

#2July 8th, 2011 · 12:14 PM
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United States of America
This was the original phrase:

"Works great! In fact I used this translator to convert this text!"

This is what the translator produced:

"Große Arbeiten! Tatsächlich verwendete ich diesen Übersetzer, um diesen Text umzuwandeln"

This is how it translated it back to English:

"Big works! Really I used this translator to convert this text"
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