#1June 10th, 2011 · 06:10 AM
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best Kunadiuns ever
Since Ive watched the first time to a "Cirque-de-soleil-show" on TV (~ 8 yrs ago) Im such a big big BIG fan of  em. Ive recorded  3 shows on DVD-Recorder.

The combination of visual and acoustical performances is absolutely outstanding, unique, fascinating.
These (international) Kunadiuns     have reached an absolutely toplevel in all elements of their shows.
Best artists and acrobats, best musicians, best composers & arrangers, best light-, stage- and costume designers.
They have the rare capability to abduct the crowd into other worlds, universes, different states of consciousness & emotions.
Sometimes they achieve to touch me deeply and bring me close to tears (of happiness). This happens really seldom.

Perhaps you also like to be abducted into new worlds, forget daily sorrows, frustrations, emotional & physical
pains, boost up good emotions such as "fell in love"or being successful in your life........................
What ever may be your occasion, watch, listen and enjoy........its soooooo beautiful.

......and dont forget to breathe while watching this............

#2June 10th, 2011 · 06:56 AM
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yes, very interesting that Cirque du Soleil, isn't it?

I love the bendy girls, and what you said ULI about how they manage to pull you into mysterious new worlds.

STILL I do get urges to shoot the clowns. But that's just natural.
#3June 10th, 2011 · 08:16 PM
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LOL!  And for some reason I thought this would be about me or craig.  I love this show.  My parents have seen the cirque a couple times and I've seen videos but i've never gone.

We have a cd of the OST to one of their shows.
#4June 11th, 2011 · 02:25 AM
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And for some reason I thought this would be about me or craig.
Gigglegig.   You've been had by a pun. Was intention. I like it to mislead peops sometimes as you know.

 PX wrote:STILL I do get urges to shoot the clowns. But that's just natural.
     Ooooh, the poor clowns. Keep em alive, the kids do love the clowns.
We are old and have lost our sence for this kind of humor. Pity.
Have seen more evil clowns before .  I like the "Cirque-Clowns" cuz theyre different.
#5June 12th, 2011 · 09:47 AM
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United Kingdom
Amazing stuff .... I have seen some bits of the shows before, I had not seen Miss Rubber Rings before though .... totally amazing stuff.
She has absolute control of her body, every individual muscle doing exactly what she wants it to do.
When she's doing some swan lake pose on the floor down here while at the same time keeping a hoola-hoop up with her wiggling big toe over there somewhere ... incredible stuff.

But isn't PX trapped in some computer game? like The Lawnmower man where shooting clowns has become a second instinct ...     
#6June 12th, 2011 · 10:08 AM
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I remember when I was a child (and later) I always hated this crappy cirusmusic . This oldfashioned, dusty everthesame drumroll on the always repeating dramaturgy.   
So Ive losr my interest in circus performance. UNTIL, until I saw the first time these kunadiuns.Wow!! Flash"
Woooosh!! Never seen such a combination of visual and acoustical performance like that before.
Now I am a fan (if anybody can call me a fan of sometone at all)
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