#1May 26th, 2011 · 02:49 AM
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Graduated? I think yes.
Hello folks!!! I haven't been on much recently because I've been very busy with school but I am happy to announce that today I have just graduated. School's out forever!!  It's incredibly exciting and awesome and a bit eerie. I spent my whole life waiting for this moment and thinking about how "wow that's so far off" and to finally get to this point it makes me realize how quick life actually passes. What a fast 11 years that was. (I was able to skip 3rd grade.)

So where does this leave me now? I'll definitely be focused more on trying to get our songs recorded and upload them for you good people here on the amp. Exciting times are ahead. And to think I came up with Night and Lord of the Flies for school projects. No more of that now...I'll have to assign myself my own projects.

I want to say "thank you" to all of you for helping me with those school assignments. I got all the bugs worked out and the input really helped me figure out how to properly 'compose' the pieces. I learned quite a lot through all of it. So thank you! Each and every one of you. Thank you.
#2May 26th, 2011 · 03:44 AM
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Cooooooooooooooongratulations to ya graduation, Kunadian !!!
A ( long ) period of life has ended now. The day you´ve waited for so long time has passed and.....?...! .....
something special ? ?
Do you already know what you gonna do next ? Do you wanna study or start a professional education or traveling around the world or something else?
I hope you´ll find ya way into life and wish all the best for ya future.

That´s what I sang 37 yrs ago....................................grandpa still rocks........

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United Kingdom
Well done!! - look forward to hearing the band
#4May 26th, 2011 · 05:21 PM
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dont waste time, write play record ,

you don't wanna end on bandamp like us oldies :P

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So college now?
#6May 27th, 2011 · 11:55 AM
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Thanks guys!  I'm probably going to take some courses to do with I.T. work, networking, administration, A+ classes and stuff like that. I already know a lot to do with that and I could most likely get a job in that pretty easy with this company down here.
Thanks for all your support!
#7May 27th, 2011 · 04:48 PM
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Yes Congrats in deed
Well done.
It must be quite an emotion having worked towards a certain moment, having put your head down and done the work and then ... all of a sudden, as if from nowhere ... like a birth ... poof !   Your there and it is done ... and you did it well, good for you.
So your straight in to corporate life ?
Is Collage an option? Your still young and learning quick, the more eduction you have under your belt to start with the more choices you have when you find your self in the middle of it.... yet having loads of money does also give you just as many choices.
Travelling does broaden the mind and wisens the soul, though time does these things too.

Whatever your going to do make sure it's excellent      
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