#1March 31st, 2011 · 03:34 AM
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hanging player
I donīt know if this phenomenon appears only on my computer or  if other members have the same problem : the bandamp.player doesnīt play correctly anymore since yesterday. Itīs hanging all along . Canīt listen to songs.
Is this a common problem or is uniquely on my computer??
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#2March 31st, 2011 · 09:00 AM
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I think it could be your own computer.
Sounds more like a connection speed problem than anything else.

My old problem of the site not loading it's pages when I've just opened FF is back since a few days .... it does not compute that it's my own pc because everything else works perfectly ...

Both problems together and Muds or TKs complaints about the server might point to the syatem the site is now being hosted from !?! 
#3March 31st, 2011 · 10:24 AM
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works fine here ...
#4March 31st, 2011 · 10:34 AM
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Tnx, guys for helping.
I listened to a few songs now and the playerīs running again without problems. I donīt believe it was myPC because:
1. I didnt change anything
2. I could see on the playerīs timecounter that it stopped simultaniously when the music stopped.
3. No problem with other netplayers as on"soundcloud" , "jamendo" or other netradios
thatīs why I think it was an exteral problem .
OK, now itīs running fine again.
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@kings : I never had a problem with FF as you discribed, so I suppose itīs also external!?!? But am not sure .
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