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I am looking to buy some items that are lightly used and fully functional. They are for the project I am working on. Some items I am looking for are:

HD video cameras-I will need two or three of these
Microphones-Ideally I would like the ones that go on a belt pack and is mobile, but I also need regular hand held mics.
Lighting-With stands with barn doors.
Video editing software
External hard drive-preferably a terabyte HD space
Portable recording equipment(Digital)-Must be able to fit in RV storage space

Lots of stuff and I am sure there are some things I am missing. For not our budget is small, but if you have something we cannot afford for now, that does not mean we can't later on when things start pulling together. If you are kind enough to not want anything in return for something such as an old microphone you do not use anymore, then we can pay shipping to get it here with much gratitude on our part. Lacking anyone with things from this list, your knowledge is important too; like, where are the best deals for these things new? I am guessing ebay lol.
As you have probably surmised, the project has to do with being on a tour-like situation and filming as we go. There will also be chances to perform, so we would want to get good recordings of these events, hence the mics and recording equipment in addition to the filming equipment.
In the case I have missed something that you believe would be important, please do mention it here.
Thanks in advance for your help.
#2January 26th, 2011 · 12:14 PM
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I picked up a nice used Sony camcorder on Ebay, but if you want a pro one you are talking a few hundred $
I'd get either Panasonic or Sony, they are the best.
If you want a decent recording, you could by a hand held DAW, there are loads on the market, or you could record from a laptop, with a interface and two mics.
I made up my own lights using workman 500watt halogen lights and made diffusers from WC tubing and plain white material, cheap as chips and works a treat.
I'll send you a PM on how to get your Editing software and Photoshop
#3January 26th, 2011 · 12:38 PM
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Lighting tips

#4January 31st, 2011 · 12:11 PM
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hey dusty nice to see ya around.

If you're looking for a good CHEAP HD camcorder check out the FLIP camcorders.  I have used them and for $100 you can not go wrong.  The only problem with them is that they are a bit grainy in lower light but if you have good lighting you  should be alright, and also the fact that they don't have any actual optical zoom.

I do concert filming, so I have quite a bit of expertise in this.  The Flip camcorders are great but they are best as stationary cameras as they don't have any real optical stabilization and once again no zoom. 

Check out ebay for one of Canon's lower end HD camcorders, they have really improved recently (especially for low-light), and if you got one of those canons you could use that for close ups of singers or other "roving" camerawork.

For multi-camera syncing and editing check out sony vegas 10.
Hey if you want editing work done I can do some for ya.

Good luck
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If you want to see the sort of result I got with a 3 camera setup and Sony vegas editing, check out the video below

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hey Bigguy ! Is it you drumming up there ? Your band?
#7February 13th, 2011 · 08:15 PM
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I have decided to get a 1080p HD camera from ebay. I can swing it for 300 bucks or less. As time goes I will pick up more.
Video editing software is taken care of now.
A web designer is starting work on the new website at no out of pocket cost to us. He waived his 60$/hr and only if the project takes off does he get paid. Which is a top notch deal in my books lol.
A local band has agreed to put on a show...(I arrange it and they show up)...and the proceeds go to the project. That is awesome too lol. 650 seats is what the venue holds. I figure 10 bucks a ticket would be a good ticket price. After costs that should make a few bucks to go towards some of things that are needed. There are also a couple of people who will endorse the project by saying a few words on our behalf.
So things are coming along well enough.
I still need as many subscribers as I can get to help things get moving.
PLEASE do me the favor of subscribing to www.youtube.com/AWorldToSee
If you do not have a YouTube account, it only takes a minute to make one.
Thanks for your support/
Also, I am still able to put your videos up on www.youtube.com/bandampofficial
Just message me with questions about either.
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