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Protect your work
I thought I would post this because of what is happening with the search bot that is downloading songs. This is what I use to protect my work. It is an inexpensive alternative and as good as copyright. I have been using this for about 4 yrs now.


#2August 28th, 2010 · 04:36 AM
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I suppose you knew that !

A Very Happy Birthday if you know it or not !

Youve mentioned this protectmywork before, I can understand how it will make people think twice before they use your work publicly. But it wont protect your work from search robots.
I'd say the best thing to do with Bots is to make sure all your mp3 tags are in place so when someone does download your work at least your name comes up in the Media Player.
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Hey Kings...and yes...Its my Birthday...lol....That's a good idea also about tagging the songs ...I have tagged a few of the songs I have but, not everyone one of them. I think that will have to be put on my to do list...btw...the Birthday cake is really cool....I hope it's Chocolate..........
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Happy Birthday Flyer

Have a drink on my Flyer

Then you can have this....
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hi Ralph &
Happy birthday mate hope you have a good one .
Best wishes the boys from Hatz.      
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Happy Birthday!

I hope you had a great party with lots of presents (did they get you anything nice?)

or didn't you celebrate it that wildly?

wow that guitar cake looks really ... tasty!

anyway hope ya had fun!

oh and.. indeed it seems that the protect your work site provides pretty solid evidence that your work is yours once you register it with them - in case of any court cases/copyright breaches. But (e)mailing it to yourself via web-hosted mail (hotmail, gmail, yahoo) is just as rigid, as is snailmailing is to yourself (bothersome, tedious, expensive, time consuming). May aswell use that service indeed (though I don't know if there are any costs involved...)
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