#1November 19th, 2007 · 12:21 AM
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Cyber Bullying

I'm sure we are all mature enough not to do this chilidish behavior,but there are some people(not here) who do not possess that level of maturity.
Cyber bullying is occurring on another music site I am involved in and it has gotten to the point where people are withdrawing their accounts.
I hope that this never happens here so I am trying to prevent it now.

In the Unites States it is a federal offense and up to 2 years imprisonment.

Thank you for preventing such an immature act.
#2November 19th, 2007 · 01:36 AM
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Yeah, cyber-bullying or any type of other bullying is some really disturbed behaviour, and can be pretty destructive on the victim's psyche aswell. It is one of mankind's sicknesses, and I sure hope that more measures will be taken to ban bullying out of our culture during the course of years to come. It will be very hard, but the negative effects are largely underestimated IMO.

Anyway, BandAMP is closely monitored on the social interaction between members - if anything goes wrong, a simple post to one of the mods or in the Abuse section and steps will be taken to set things right.

We Do Not Tolerate harrassment, name-calling, threats and other forms of social misbehaviour toward any of our members. We will see to it that it never happens, and if it does, the offender can pack his stuff - that seems obvious.

kind regards,
PX (mod)
#3November 19th, 2007 · 01:41 AM
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It is a shame how far cyberbullying can go. I watched on CNN a case where a 13 year old committed suicide due to a so called My Space romance. Suddenly, this new beau called her names and told her that the world would be better off without her living in it...She took the words to heart. The worst part? The cyber bully was a neighbor. Crazier?...It was a mother who made up a profile to check up on the victim so she could see why she was fighting with her daughter (adults are the ones to practice maturity!). It sounds so far fetched, doesn't it? But bullying in any form, real or virtual is psychologically damaging! I'm glad Band Amp gots my back
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