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SAT 11th of July: I PLAY HERE!!!!
Im playing at the Durham Miners Gala in the morning!!!!
Ive played a this event allmost every year since I was 13!!!
The whole day is tied to the Coal Miners Unions and the mining villages surrounding my home town DURHAM. UK
The best Ive done on Bandamp to reflect this...... is the song
it tells of the decline, death and sadness of the industry/area  at Maggie Thatchers hands in the 80s
to see GALA event last year..... here is a utube link to give u a flavour
The Flags/Banners that you see in the video are all reminders of my (and our) social/political  history.
Each one identifies a particular mine, its miners, and their struggle for Union recognition and in particular Social Reform!!
Its lovely day ......................

This foto is from my mams hometown in 1965 ( Ushaw Moor......just outside Durham City)
I Was 7!!! probability is all those on the foto ( inc my relatives) have passed
.......... but I remember this community....especially the Miners/Workingmans Club and the PRIDE.
and mourn its passing

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DURHAM DAY!  Whooooooo!  Good Times. Good Times.  This used to be THE event to attend before the mining industry cut back.  I remember what seems like hundreds of different mines represented.  The brass bands would just endlessly roll by playing everything from the standards to StarWars.  The Amusements always had the best rides and the food!  The Pic you posted is great, they must be on the way to or from the Gala Parade because in the background, you can see the buildings instead of 100000000 people.  
Anyway, Break a Leg and all that.....All the Best.....Mr S.Ape
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