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Music Computer?

I am starting to think about buying a new computer. It should be a computer that is mainly used for recording music. I don't game a lot on my PC right now, but it should be able to some, if necessary. I'm going for a Windows, not Mac. And there must be ALOT of GB

I'm willing to buy a mac, if you can convince me

If you got any experiences, please help!
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Why not look at the specs of of a music computer and purchase the components and build it yourself, hence they are quite expensive ready made, but if you have the cash and not practical, anyone will do the job.

Kings here on bandamp is building one from an old games PC console, it's a MONSTER
#3April 11th, 2010 · 02:51 PM
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Denis wrote…
Kings here on bandamp is building one from an old games PC console, it's a MONSTER :o

HAS built it, and IS using it every day.       And yes it's a monster.....
See it here...http://forum.bandamp.com/Gear_Talk/26780_page2.html#id28214

A few words of warning...if you buy a new motherboard....it is highly likely that it will not be XP compatible and that you'll have to go with windows 7, by not compatible I mean it will work and all, but the Ethernet drivers I needed for the motherboard to go on line would not work in XP.
And also my old Creative soundcard would not work in 7, because the audio stack has changed.

There are also a lot of popular programs that wont work in 7 like Nero and Partition Magic but most of my music programs work fine.

I just presume it is more expensive buying anything ready made when you can in reality do it your self.
I've build my own PC, my own car, my own workshop and my own web site ..... LOL
And still I'm a dissatisfied searching soul.....
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as sort of a side note...im really impressed with windows 7...it actually works and so far for music editing and stuff like that its running great...so dont shy away from windows 7..it does work
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I wouldn't take any ready-to-install OS.

My suggestions are:
- a nice dual or quadral CPU on a fitting mainboard
- a BIOS just for the purpose to launch an OS* and support some interfaces
   like RAM, keyboard, mouse, harddisc controller, graphics adapter, usb,
- 32 or 64 GB RAM,
- a flash RAM to host a self-made OS*,
- really really fast harddrive/s,
- A/D-D/A converter 24bit better 32bit (soundcard),
- a self-made recording software hosted on the flash RAM with drivers for sound and VST support

take any OS you want,
throw out all services and functions you don't need,
to make it as easy to handle as it can be (remember BeOS years ago)
Linux does a good job in many appliances (black boxes)

This computer doesn't need internet connection. Switch it on and wait 3 seconds and you're ready to go.

build me one, I need it!
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