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I was looking for free distributors to upload my next album. I'm not doing it to make money, just so that it's out their available, call it a sense of achievement.
Little did I know that Amazon have their own distribution service called 'Createspace.com', Mp3 down-loadable singles/albums are free to to set up. You get all the royalties. You can also sell Cd's, which Amazon produce for you, you don't get 100% royalties for CD sales, they take a cut.
As well as Music, you can publish film, books etc,
Here is the link

Fais54 introduced me to a free distribution site (I can't remember the name of it, will update this thread later), but you have to make $50.00 of sales before you earn 90% royalties, plus I think They distribute to other outlets other than Amazon. Best check the small print on this site, hence when things a free, there are bound to be other costs invloved.
**Edit** Here is the link to the website that Fais54 used

Would like to here of any other FREE ways of distributing  music.
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Yes, RouteNote is a good one, as is MusicForte, although it isn't through Amazon/iTunes, etc.
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