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BandAmp = Good or Bad?
All my life, I like many of the BandAmp members, have been driven by the urge to write and play music. For years I played in cover bands, never really getting true satisfaction from playing other peoples music. Since I am currently without a band for one reason or another, I have been concentrating on recording my songs on my own. Without the help of other musicians and it can be both rewarding and frustrating. Rewarding because I can record my songs the way I hear them in my head without other musicians changing them, and frustrating because of my limited musical abilities. (I play guitar pretty well but bass and drums sure could use a real bassist and drummer and vocals I can fake but could use some other voices) As a result, my music sometimes becomes at least to me, a little predictable and a little boring.
I discovered BandAmp last year and it's been great to get my songs out there for other musicians to hear and I have received some good feedback. The flipside of this is that I've also heard some really good songs posted by other musicians and bands and instead of being encouraged to write and record better songs I sometimes feel my stuff is sub-standard and I'm wasting my time even doing this.  It's always been a goal of mine to come up with at least one CD of good original songs and I now have 8 completed recordings so I'm getting close.  Trouble is I listen to some of the very talented musicians posting songs on BandAmp and I'm now not so sure of my abilities.
So what do you think.  Is BandAmp a blessing or a curse? Do you feel that posting and listening to others recordings drives you to improve your own music or sometimes makes you feel like giving up?  Do I need a band again to breathe new life into my tunes? Are my original songs even worthy of going through the difficulties of putting a band together to record and perform them? I need advice!!!
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I always feel really small when I listen to Taka's work.
About your own work, you'll realize if it's good or bad simply for the feedback you receive.
About BandAMP, is a blessing. Learned many things from here. I still can remember when I posted Freedom (the first tune I ever recorded, when I was 16) and received so encouraging feedback. With time, tips and advices from the AMP I could release some decent songs, even winning a Battle, something I feel pretty happy about.
Now, knowing I'm in a good creative time, I just don't feel like recording much. Too much time needed for sequencing and stuff. Now I rather make music with my band; you can listen the idea immediately. I don't blame this site for that... have other reasons.
But anyway, none can say BandAMP is bad!

             > Iszil
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i think bandamp is totally a blessing. I know I suck and Im okay with that. all the awesome artists here on the amp really inspire me and I wouldnt say encourage, but open my eyes to what people are doing. this makes me in turn want to show people what i can do, and now matter how sub-standard it may be, its awesome in my eyes. you have to believe that what you do is for you and who cares what other people have...its your stuff.

bandamp and its members have helped me along SOOO much with my songs, its amazing really. ive learned so much and progressed so far. I love listening to great artists (such as taka like iszil mentioned) and I lie there in awe thinking how this 1 person (or band) could make something like that. that really inspires me to try it myself and push myself, and not give up, because as these artists have shown, it is possible.
i love it here and i love all the help ive got and I dont think its bad at all. this is the best possible thing for me.

EDIT: also it may seem predictable and boring to YOU because you know you, and you already knew what you were thinking. no one else does though
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There's an old saying 'Don't count your Chickens before they hatch'

As a musician you should never be satisfied, you will always improve, you are off to a great start, you have the ability, now it's up to you to improve. Don't compare yourself with others, you are you and nobody is ever going to change that.

I think the most important thing is how much you like producing music, it's that will, desire that helps you improve, get better.

I joined  bandAMP in Feb 2007, I've learned so much here, I feel I'm constantly improving, it's a great feeling.
I could only barely do the basics when I first started on the AMP, and yes the members here taught me, inspired me to improve.

Your music is great, but don't let that stop you from getting better. That's what bandAMP is all about!!!

There are some things that may not be practical, like say improving the drums, you may simply not have the time to practice. In fact I too wanted to get an acoustic kit, but in the end I realized that I would not get the time to practice enough, so I decided the next best thing, EzDrummer software.

A little tip:

I too am a multi-instrumentalist, it's impossible to be good on all instruments unless you can practice each instrument at least 2 hours per day, the top pros practice some 4 hours per day.

So here's how I record a multi-instrumental song.

Get the guitar rhythm part down first, this is your main instrument, so it will be a good foundation to work from.
With all the other instruments, practice the parts at least 30 Min's per day for a week, then record them.

Get as many critiques as possible, everyone has a different opinion, some may help you, others won't. You won't know until you experiment and try things out, often your own instincts are the best.

I'll try and help you the best I can, PM me and I'll see what we can do


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I'm still churning away after all these years. I just wasted an entire year wallowing in misery and sinking into a huge  depression cycle. No creativity for the entire time, sitting in as a musician for other successful people.. I'm just getting back into writing and creating again. It has to be pushing me for some reason. I will note that I spent the entire summer in upper NY State doing a single act with all of my tracks, many of them originals. That was most satisfying. I would rather have played the tunes with a band, but unfortunately the economy here in the States has wreaked even further havoc on my doing so. I refuse to give in!!!! I have to remain focused enough to play at my own funeral!

I wish you well my friend, and don't be shy to write. Any way that I could be of assistance would be just fine!

I'm just sorry I stayed away from this site for this long. It's a great encouraging place. I'll be around more often.

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Welcome back, Chauvette!
I still listen to some of you music when they show up in my iTunes.
Just give us more of your stuff.

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