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Beta Work & Immigration Attorneys

while I have not decided to kill myself, I'm not far from it    Work on the beta has progressed a little bit recently, but I've been very tied up with a rejection notice that the US government sent to my wife.  We're on our last straw right now, and if the (very likely) scenario hits us in the next few days, we're leaving the US of friggin A.

I intend to continue work on the beta, but I imagine you can see how my real-world dilemmas are hindering progress.

At this point, there's no reason to keep me as the sole developer.  I'll stick around, but I'm interested in finding a few helping hands.

I want people with one or more of the following, but don't think that it is all purely programming.  I need plenty of help in the ideas department:

-- A little bit of time (I'm a pretty good example of someone who has no time, but can still contribute, so don't be afraid if you feel like you haven't got much time to offer)

-- Ideas... of all flavours.

-- Willingness to take part in the glory of creating something that reaches out to thousands.

-- Python programming experience.

-- HTML experience.

-- Javascript experience.

-- UI design skills.

-- Unix management via remote SSH. (specifically Ubuntu server, and eventually FreeBSD.)  this doesn't really require much right now, but I don't want anybody accidentally deleting home directories or web roots

It should be understood that I already possess the majority of what I've listed, but I hope it has become obvious that this isn't going to progress very quickly without some helping hands
#2June 3rd, 2009 · 09:17 PM
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I know nothing about Puter programming or nothing that you mention Pc related but whatever I can do just say the word Ill try my best.
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Jaysus. Where's your wife from, that she's being rejected to live with you in the US?

You're welcome to live in the Netherlands.. lol. The weather's always bad but we welcome just about anyone and there's plenty of job opportunities. And legalised marijuana ofcourse 

Unfortunately I do not have any recent programming experience. I've promised myself to pick up a course or two in that direction but so far haven't been getting anywhere on that front.

So what rests at this point is wishing you a lot of good luck, let us know how things are turning out and we're not in a hurry. Once you've settled you can pick up your work even if a couple years may have passed... Etc.

Or maybe it's time to wake up my neighbor, who is a freelance web developer, and has already said he'd love to get his hands on BandAMP one time.
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My wife's from Canada.  Yeah, I know.  Verbatim, the response we get from everybody is "But.. it's Canada".  I'm hoping to sort all this stuff, but it certainly hinders me :P

Just to help emphasize the situation, I definitely plan on still heading up the project, so I'm certainly not trying to find anybody to restart from scratch!  There are several aspects to the site that we want to have, such as some sort of revival of the battle system, and the house mix, and possibly a market place (one step at a time, though), etc

Much of the hard foundational programming is done, and it would be easiest for someone like your neighbor to integrate himself into the system that I've already set up.  Specifically, the site's foundation is built on the Python programming language, and not the more common PHP or Coldfusion, Flash, and/or Java.

Mixing Python with the other languages out there can be done, but I would sincerely like to avoid it, as it defeats the purpose behind the framework I'm using, and only complicates things in the future.

but blah, blah-- I'll stop talking now   If your neighbor would like to sync up with me (not sure if he speaks my native language, because I certainly don't speak his ) and contribute, I have no problem with that.  So that it's clear to him, my goal is not to create a site and then to be done with it.  This is supposed to be a project with continuing longevity, where people constantly contribute to it-- the true spirit of Open Source goodness, like Mud wanted, back when he turned the site over to everybody "officially."
#5June 4th, 2009 · 01:39 PM
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that sucks.  I have a friend Kelvin. who I use to work with.  His wife is from El Salvador. They have been married for 5 years and have one kid. The still are fighting to get her citizenship. She has now had to move back over to El Salvador .  This county is crazy with the way they operate. We have millions of illegal immigrants over here that won't ever get deported ,. Are taking jobs, and resources such as free medical and food for the needy.

Yet people trying to gain citizenship legally and are actually married to citizens here , can't get citizenship.  It just doesn't seem right.  I hope you can get it straightened out.

 I used to be able to do some computer programming back in the 80's and 90's. I have been learning html/xml and  Flash. .. I just started goofing with Java. But I am in no position with it to try to start anything on this scale.

I still can't figure out how to operate the filezilla uploader to get my webpages loaded up 

Sorry for your problems hopefully you can get them line out.
#6June 4th, 2009 · 05:40 PM
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Oh mate that stinks ,the option is ..........AUSTRALIA originally New Holland and Van Diemens land ,you and the Missus would be most welcome here    
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