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Tell Me Your Goals?
Okay... BandAMP citizens (lol) *drum roll* ... ummhhh.
Well obviously this place is for music, indie music, etc. Almost everybody here have posted at least one of their own original music. But not everybody have the same plan, purpose, or goal of making music. Many poeple like making music as a hobby. And others would love a dream career as a successful musician. So why don't you write your plans or goals, etc. in here.  I'm just curious.... really, for real. Aight, I'll start this one of.

Music.... with it I want to make a living out of it. As crazy as it sound to others I want to be a rockstar (haha), or at least be successfuly involved in the music industry.
That's why I make, write, record, produce music is to ultimately have a job heavily with music (no I don't want to be a music teacher!)

Alright tell me yours. You could write your whole life summary of music as an essay or just a quick line why you make and your goals in music.
I better hear them!
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At the core of it, music is my hobby. I love music, in pretty much all forms, and it gives me satisfaction when I learn a new piece and can play it like it sounds on the cd. I get even more satisfaction when I become inspired and record something that I can listen back to and be happy with. Ultimately, I aim to improve my ability's, but I don't see me being able to make a living out of music. Not because I don't want to, I think it would be a sweet way to earn a living, but because I think its unrealistic (for me).
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Not a hobby, but I make no money...My goal is to keep making music regardless of what happens..I do it for me and my art...No expectations... But money would be good...
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I play 'For The Love of Music', nothing more nothing less.

If I had loads of cash, I would simply do it full time and have the time of my life, Not that it's dull at the moment, I'm very thankfull that I have what I have, there any millions probably around 70% if not higher of the world population that have the talent, but are just too poor to purchase just one instrument.

I just love creating new tunes, BEST BUZZ ever for me..


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I love making music because I really just have a lot of fun with it. Me and my band would like to do some live gigs in the near future, but nothing that would actually pay us (or pay us anything that would be worth it).

I relax and unwind when I play the guitar, and when I record music, I get to have the satisfaction that I have created something that might inspire others.

I always am trying to find ways for better quality and better sound and everything, so I will spend lots of money on this "hobby" I guess you could call it.

All in all, we're just a-nother brick in the wall (of music)
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I have no other significant 'hobby'.  I do things, like rock climbing, hiking etc but there is nothing even close to music.  Considering that, I would give just about anything I had to give to focus solely on it:  if it were a practical goal.  I would even be a music teacher lol (that's for you Rap!).  I think that for many of us, we don't write/play because we think it will make us rich, but because on some level we need to:  the getting paid for it, however, I doubt most would say "for me, no thanks"...lol

Writing = Cathartic
That simple sometimes.  When I come up with something new, challenging, and exciting I can't help but be thoroughly pleased with myself - lame as that may sound, and it always makes me a little giddy : )

I have always written in whatever form I was able (primarily lyrical), and I will continue to do so.  I would love to play for people and share (pee myself a bit but I can shower after lol), and I would love to work with any aspect of music as a career:  who wouldn't want to get paid to do what they love.  It's like someone paying me to eat candy all day...I'm going to anyway so suh'weeeet!
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This is good... anymore? I encourange for members to share their goals and ideas of music in their life, especially new members (maybe an introduction of yourself).
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I want to look back in some years to come and say...................."This is Good!"  
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