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uhm... battles? (PX LOOK HERE)

so looking through a BUNCHof old posts... i realized we havnt had a battle since SEPTEMBER OF 2007


i was wondering what was up with that? is the point system still flawed?

and btw MUD turned the amp over to us right?

well... i know it will take time but lets get some change going guys!!

I remember how excited we all were when mud told us he was turning the amp over to the people

and then we just kinda dropped out....

nothing changed....

so I motion for the reforamation of the amp!
not anything WAY drastic just lets get some battles going or maybe
a get more exposure for the amp!?!?!

maybe a myspace page or something!!

lets turn the amp into something AMAZING!!!
#2January 22nd, 2009 · 01:37 AM
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Hmm yeah I've noticed that aswell, the batlle archives seem to have gone completely lost.

However, I am not involved in coding the site, I am merely a moderator - there's a big difference. It's TritonKeyboarder who has access to the code and who has been debugging things (doing a great job!) since mud turned the site over to the community, and TonightsLastSong who is working on a complete overhaul.

The problem with the battles is and was that there's too few people actually voting to songs, and too few people seem to be interested enough to start doing it at all. Beside that, the site isn't obvious in having a battle system at all, and the "Current Battle" isn't actively advertised "in your face" while you're browsing the forum, so it's all too easy to forget there even is one while one goes about one's business...

A dedicated Battle section of the forum would have to be introduced, where all the current songs in it are listed and where you can listen and vote to them all on one single page.

There should be a "In Your Face" link to that battle section on EVERY page of the forum, like beneath the comment input box - a button or link like "CHECK OUT THE 2009-01 BATTLE!" maybe that will help a bit.

That said there have been discussions about this before but nothing ever happened because people just don't seem to agree on what would be the best solution So maybe TLS will implement something is his rework, I think that's the best bet we have on seing it change.

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yeah, only two songs last month had enough votes to qualify, but I think you need at least 3 songs to qualify for the battle to count. Otherwise it defaults the songs back to not entered, and you may try again.. BUT, if still no other songs qualify, then there really is NO battle.. And battles should ALWAYS be songs with 0 votes going in, and run the month. I know why the minimum was set to 15 votes, because the percentages could be skewed dramatically with less vote. But, yeah, without an IN YOUR FACE system in place, the battles will never be what they once were.... Although going back to the drop down menu type of voting of old might be a nice start. People get confused with stars... It makes them have flashbacks and other horrible painful memories.. of getting hit in the head with cartoon hammers, and anvils dropping out of the sky only to land on their head... And pianos falling from windows...
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TLS is working on a TON of changes to the site. Hes hard at work so give the guy a break!!
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re: uhm... battles? (PX LOOK HERE)
Hi Fish here.........

I kinda keep makin the point (last time by winning(?????) thru spam dec 08 ) that the battle isnt working............ so why not ditch it for now??


it can all ways be re-introduced once TLS and Carsten and the members have a satisfactory format

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Exposure for bandAmp on mySpace and places like digg.com have also been through the mill, I've always got the impression that the general reaction is : bandAmp and the music here needs more exposure and the site needs more 'life/action' but that everyone's actually happy with it just the way it is,.......not Dugg or mySpaced.
And maybe the general feeling is that if someone is to shout out about bandAmp that it should be MUD, he did mention a tent at the nomad festival and that after the site was 'public property' and working as he envisaged it he would 'Digg it'!
I made a bandAmp mySpace page as did Oldies , I was having a bit of fun and trying out mySpace, I have long since realised the errors of my ways, and Oldies also apologised profusely.   
I like my own page lol, otherwise I hate the place!

O! yea...things like :
"I remember how excited we all were when mud told us he was turning the amp over to the people

and then we just kinda dropped out....

nothing changed...."

.........it's like breathing.....you know, in and out , up and down, hope despair.

A discussion about members actively 'promoting' bandAmp and the general 'exposure of members' would be interesting.
#7January 22nd, 2009 · 04:35 PM
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its not only the count of votes its also a script that has to be run on the server with one or several parameters to "close" a battle and define a winner.
long time ago I requested the script from mud but I didnt get an answer - as usual.
So the winning routine stopped. I am sure TLS is going to rewrite the functions in his own style.
#8January 24th, 2009 · 12:25 AM
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yeh.  We'll see what we can whip up.  I think the battles are part of the spirit of BandAMP (at least a corner of the said AMP).  Sorry for being so in-and-out all the time, but I expect that in the end... everybody should be satisfied.
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