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are there any other home brewers here? Me and Linda(my wife for the newbies here) do most of our making on-site at the place we get our kits: The Winemaker's Guild

This makes it very convenient for us, as we don't have to buy all the equipment. Though we finally purchased some supplies to make some 1 gallon batches here at home, to try our hand at doing it here, unsupervised.. and see how we come out.. then we can start making larger and more complicated batches... I am very excited, It is allot of fun, if you have never done it, you should.. There are shops almost everywhere that sell the kits, and hardware, and many that do the "Wine on premise" deal, where they will help you step by step... It will get you familiarized with how to do it, until, like us, your brave enough to try one on your own...

As for the kits, well here is what we have done thus far:

The flavor sensation of biting into a crisp, crunchy green apple, with a pleasant tartness followed by a delicious juicy finish. Natural apple flavors blend perfectly with the lively apple notes that are one of Riesling's delightful trademarks. Clean, cool and crisp - a wonderful balance of apple flavor with the slight acidity and firm character of the Riesling grape.


Bright and refreshing, this vibrant wine beverage offers the aromas and flavors of fresh strawberries. The medium-pink White Merlot variety lays the groundwork with its exuberant strawberry notes, tangy acidity, and crisp, delicate finish. The natural strawberry flavor weaves in a pleasant sweetness for an immediate and delicious sensation. Fresh and lively, Strawberry White Merlot is a natural fruit-and-wine combination that was simply meant to be.


NEW - Island Mist Series White Cranberry Pinot Gris. Get ready to mist-behave this year with Island Mist White Cranberry Pinot Gris! This exciting addition to the Island Mist lineup is a spectacular crystal white color which is the result of a special blend of white cranberry and pinot gris. White cranberry juice is somewhat less tart than regular cranberry juice due to an earlier harvest than the traditional red cranberries. VVinexpert's White Cranberry Pinot Gris bursts with the sweetness that has made White Cranberry a unique and popular flavor in juice and new VVinexpert brings that flavor to you as part of our refreshing line of Island Mist varieties. This wine is very easy to drink and is perfect for backyard barbeques and with friends. Ready to drink in only four weeks, now is the right time to start your Island Mist so that it is ready in time for barbeque season!


Selection Speciale Okanagan Peach Ice Wine Style - Limited Release - Pre-Order Only. Okanagan Peach Icewine Style Carboy Promotion. Purchase a Peach Icewine Style Kit and receive a FREE 3-gallon plain Better-Bottle. The Okanagan Valley lies in the rain shadow of British Columbiaís Coastal mountains. The regionís very low annual average rainfall means that part of the valley is a true desert! In this climate Vidal grapes ripen to perfect intensity, with notes of honey, apricot, and spice. Winexpertís Okanagan Peach Icewine style (containing local Vidal from this region) has deep floral notes, stone fruit and perfect sweetness, balanced with the sun-ripened perfume of a luscious peach. Okanagan Peach Icewine Style (while quantities last) This is a Seasonal Release product with limited availability. The Peach Icewine Style will be in stores November 2008. Makes to 3 gallons 30 x 375ml bottles. PRE-ORDER ONLY! Product will MAY NOT be available after release date! $99.95 divided by 30 (375ml bottles) equals less then $3.34 per bottle! Wineries charge $30.00 - $60.00 per ''split'' (375ml) for ice wine ''style'' wines. You can make your own and BETTER then they do for 10 per cent of that cost!


Prized as a unique sweet wine specialty, our Icewine - based on Riesling grapes - will surprise you with its body and complexity. Served chilled, this golden nectar should be sipped slowly to cherish its special charms. Note: This kit makes 3 gallons of finished wine.


.J. Spagnols Cru Select - Just saying it - Orange Chocolate Port - can make your mouth water! A truely hearty port, laced with generous overtones of rich chocolate and juicy oranges.
Any way you take it this new, Limited Release Port Style Kit form RJ Spagnols is a winner. A very special wine, deep with flavor, rich in aromatics, and with plenty of alcohol (17%) to keep it all very interesting.
This Cru Select kit makes 12 liters of fine port, with no brandy addition necessary. It includes a Susse-Reserve flavor pack. This is simply the perfect after-dinner potable, perfect for combination with a cheese plate and crisp juicy grapes, or a late night drink with your favorite book.
Limited Release Makes 3 Gallons.

Here is the kits we ordered to do 1 gallon batches, at home, so if we mess it up, it wont be an expensive oops:

For the price, you almost can't go wrong... I will keep everyone posted as to how bad or good they come out.. I would not suggest using the pop bottle method described on the website, that surely will provide you with rockgut wine... hehe
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beer not wine .. I should try the wine... problem is I don't drink enough anymore to warrant it..
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Wait a minute. If this didn't come from JimK I'd say it's spam, but why exactly are you posting this, dude?

          > Iszil
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I am posting this because it is a great, and fun hobby..  You make the wine, bottle it, and DRINK IT! It's allot of fun, and really a great family project..  You learn allot, and can enter competitions, allot like creating music, creating wine is a way to express yourself.. even when using a kit, like these above, is much like using samples in music...

 And Iszil, it don't even LOOK like spam...  I'm not selling anything, The only links are to sites wher eyou really can't buy anything online.. They are there for reference only...  Chill out a bit mr Spaminator..
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Hey thats really cool, Jim! Looks like a great hobby. I have considered going for beer brewing (many years ago) but I really don't drink enough! But I know some guys who have and home-brewn beer certainly is as interesting as it is fun to drink.

Same for wine, I know a couple of people who make their own wine, and yes it's fun to drink some of that, because if they start to passionately tell about the recipe and the process while you're enjoying their drink - there's not much that can beat that! Especially not if you have to call a taxi to get home, later on! Lol!
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i've had really expensive wine, homemade wine & cheap wine.

the stuff made from kits?  the powder stuff? yikes.......don't care for it much.

there's this italian dude in my hometown.....stomps on the grapes himself!  it's GREAT stuff.

you can't beat the savings though.  there ARE many gems out there in the 7-10$ range.  more expensive doesn't always mean good.

have fun & cheers!
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So, your not a fan of the Wonderwine kits eh? I have gotten a lot of mixed reviews from them... Much has to do with how it's made...  The Kits I have used to this point have all been real juice kits..  These kits are top quality,  and many are award winners.. They are magnificent.. My parents had an awesome grape arbor in the backyard with some white and red grapes, as well as some incredible hybrids... They were delicious.. My mom would can a bunch of jam with them, and me and my brother and a friend made some wine with them as well. It was great.. But unfortunately, one year, we had a real bad winter, and they never recovered.. So, now I must buy the grapes... And when you get these kits, they already have pressed them for you.... If you ge the stuff to do it at home the cost per bottle ends up being around $2.50 ish, depending on the kit..  The wonderwine is the only kit that is a powder kit, and I am not going to just use their powder, I will use some extra real fruit, and such.. make it a bit better... 
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Hey wondered why Niagara was on your list of places to visit ..........

U there to check out the 'Ice Wine'

Love 2 u all

John and Sue
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ice wine
if you like ice wine.....but not the price....try Royal Tokaji, from Hungary.

it's made from Furmint grapes.....& has been made for over 600 years.  you can usually pick up a 375ml
size for around $30.  it's toasty, buttery, little butterscotch & caramel touches too.

ice wine usually starts at $50 up goes way up from there.  I'm not knockin' ice wines......ontario has some of the best in the world.....the quality is there.....& it is really labour intensive.

I have found Tokaji to be a nice dessert sipper  & a unique treat.  it doesn't come around very often, but if you stumble across it, try it out.  well worth the $$.


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$2.50 a bottle? 

wow.  that's a pretty good bang for your buck.
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