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Joe Satriani is repeatedly being described as an over rated guitarist.  This, in my opinion is untrue. I have come to understand that the reason that a lot of enthusiast of guitar gods such as Mamlsteen and Steve Via feel he cannot keep up in guitar skill or as a guitarist al in all. Yet, none of these people seem to have asked themselves the question; what makes a good guitarist?
    Their speed
    Their variety in style
    The cleanness of their style,  what ever it may be(cleanness as in no dud notes etc)
    Their creativity
Firstly, his sped is often described as good but nothing special. They say that he just gets most of his speed from tapping. Yet, they are actually outing an argument forward mentioning the very thing that puts in front of so many guitarists. His picking skill isnt even reached by Van Halen who made the style so popular for electric guitarists. That is the very reason his is skill is one reached by only a few such as Steve Via, Rodney Bates(http://www.werepartyingnow.com/Catagory/Video_Clips/Clips/Guitar.WMV )and Paul Gilbert. So yes his guitaring is obviously up to the standards at which he is respected for. This also means in his style.
His style is fairly unique. He has found the one thing 99% of guitarists off all skill levels and ethnics all over the earth just do not have. His tone, his distortion, his style. Others can copy but never create a unique sound like he has done.
The one thing I can think of is that his live performances, although immense, of coarse, lacks the beautifully clean style. No scuffs, no mistakes. Just pure guitaring. But the only two guitarists I have ever seen manage this are Steve Via and Rodney Bates. So I can let him off. Considering the amount of creativity he owns.
A lot of his album isnt really guitaring on  the Time Machine album. A lot of them the creation of an artist who just happens to play guitar. Thats what I love, he plays as though its not the hardest thing hes had to do. He plays with a look of smirking relaxation. Compare this to some one like Mamlsteen whos creative side consists of metal and neo classical. Re hashes of classical playing on an electric guitar and metal.  Lets compare this back with Satriani whos creati8vity as a guitarist is comparable to Hendrix and Jimmy Page. They created their own style. They have created them selves as guitarists. Not played guitar until they could copy well, but to create their own songs. Use their unique mix of effects.
This is why Joe Satriani is now underrated. With every one agreeing that he is overrated they open themselves up to underrating him. This is now the trap they have fallen in to.
Joe Satriani; Underrated!
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re: Underrated!
well that was interesting...........

a job at the NME beckons:)

Oh and who are 'they'?
and what is pure guitaring?     a new verb I suspect....as in ' I'm about to guitar down to the shops'.

just teasing

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Yer....just ignore the mistakes and made up words:
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well, I dunno.......

     I think Satriani is good... no doubt.... but what makes a great guitarist is the emotion he puts into his playing..... it is the way he makes the guitar moan and wail, and talk to you...

   I think He is ok, but he tends to play what he thinks instead of what he feels....

     Probably the greatest guitarist of all times died before he could really prove himself and that was Randy Rhoads....   He played with such emotion... He put himself into every lick, every riff.. and that makes a good guitarist.. speed has nothing to do with being a good guitarist... Speed and accuracy are technical aspects of guitar playing... nothing to do with pure talent... Speed and accuracy are attributed to hand eye coordination and strong fingers, and maybe good math skills   but emotion makes a guitarist....   Malmsteen is fast, because he gouged out the fret board, so that he had to touch lighter, and disciplined himself... that is not only technical skill, but that is a true emotional conection, he does what he feels, not what he thinks....   I am not a big fan of Malmsteen's style, but I appreciate his talent...
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I am a huge Satriani fan. I totally agree he is underrated. He just has a certain emotion and feel to his songs that the others dont. Its as if the guitar is singing the song.  He is very skilled in all that he does. So what if his speed isnt that of yngvie or Vai. He makes up for that in pure feel for the music. Thats why he is a huge inspiration to me.
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Man, the only truth is that a good guitarist isn't the guy that can play 956 notes in 1 sec.: the good one is the one that has creativity and feeling on playing. Examples:
 - Steve Howe ( Yes): He has a good techno but he creates a really good system during a song, mixing many was of playing.
 - Jimmy Page ( Led Zeppelin): He hasn't a good techno, he is a basic player, but he is a genius with the guitar, creating a style that touched most of guitarist of future times.
 - Alex Lifeson ( Rush): He is the father of the progressive-rock-guitar-playing. He created a new vision of playing and composing.
Those are real guitarists.

What makes Satriani or Vai  or even Malmsteen ( the best of that group, cause he mixed classical music and scales to play in his guitar): They chose some cool chords and then they  play fast solos over them. I'm not saying that's bad ( actually I've done the same... check Freedom). What I say is that making that doesn't makes you a good guitarist; only makes you a fast one.

We have the special case of John Petrucci ( Dream Theater) that, being one of the most technicals and fast guitarist in the world, is a good composer cause he don't use only chords but use many scales combined with pentatonic and all that mixed in a good band, that gives you the mix of Alex Lifeson, Steve How, Jimmy Page with a hard rock or metal touch (check Erotomania).

That's my humble opinion. I'm guitarist and that's what I think of being a good guitarist and I hope I can reach that some day.

       > Iszil

PS: I like New Last Jam from Satriani; that's a good composition.
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can u say david gilmour?
#8March 10th, 2006 · 06:35 PM
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David Gilmour sucks.....   

Just kidding...   hehehehehe   

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blah blah blah,blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah?they're all great guitarist in their own right,that's why they make the BIG bucks!!!!
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